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During the summer season many will travel to spend their summer vacation along the south east coast. Many vacation homes are rented out to family and those seeking time away from their busy life. Vacation rentals are used all year long, with the summer and holiday seasons being the busiest. Many vacationers return to their favorite hot spots and will seek accommodations. Those that manage vacation rentals will often rely on good ratings and returning guests to help maintain this small business. When maintaining a vacation rental, one of the most difficult features to maintain in vacation rentals are the carpets. Maintaining clean and fresh looking carpets may seem like an impossible task. However, carpet dyeing services can often be the solution you are looking for. Carpet Dye-Tech will share how carpet dyeing services can help maintain vacation rental carpets.

Dyeing Restores Faded Carpet in House & Apartment Rentals

Carpet dyeing services vary from company to company. However, basic carpet dyeing services aim toward restoring faded and stained carpets. Carpet in vacation rentals can benefit from carpet dyeing services in many ways. When carpet areas have faded or are discolored, it has a negative reflection on the rental. For positive reviews and customer retention, carpet dye services can help maintain the carpet’s appearance as fading begins to occur. Carpet color can be renewed when the carpets are dyed.

Carpet Dye Spray & Syringe Process

During carpet dyeing the carpet is first cleaned and then the carpet dye technician will apply a fresh application of dye. They can match the carpet’s color and restore it back to a fresher state. However, there are rental owners that may be tired of maintaining those lighter colored carpets, as they tend to reveal the smallest of stains. If the rental owner wishes to change the carpet, they have that option. When changing the carpet’s color, the carpet can be dyed a darker color. However, carpet can’t be dyed a lighter color since essentially you are adding pigment on top of the original color.

Get Old Bleach Spots Out of Carpet

Another common need for vacation rentals is bleach spot repair. Bleach spots can occur from a number of sources with the most common being cleaning solution and hygiene products as many contain bleach like compounds. As many know, bleach spots can’t be removed or washed away like stains. However, bleach spots can be repaired with carpet dyeing services. A bleach spot is the absence of pigment. To repair those spots, the pigment or dye needs to be added back into the carpet.

Carpet Dyeing VS Replacement

Carpet dyeing can restore the carpet and maintain a fresh and clean appearance to improve the vacation rental’s image. However, that’s not the only benefit. Carpet dyeing is far cheaper than carpet replacement. Replacing carpet often include the expense of removing the old carpet, preparing the sub-floor for new carpet and then finally, installation. Not only does each step cost in labor and material, but it also takes time as well. When dyeing the carpet, you save on the cost of replacing the carpet as well as time. When a vacation rental needs their carpet or rug color renewed and cleaned while saving time and money, carpet dyeing services can help.

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