How Does Commercial Carpet Dyeing for Hotels Work to Repair Faded & Discolored Carpets in Hollywood, FL?

Carpets in hotels require a lot of maintenance and care. Hotel staff workers diligently make every effort to keep the carpet vacuumed and cleaned to ensure quality and beauty for their guests. However, even with proper cleaning and care, carpet inside hotels still develop stains and will also develop fading problems as time goes on. When carpets develop permanent stains or fade in color, they often require specialty carpet care such as carpet dyeing services. Carpet Dye-Tech will share how carpet dyeing helps restore carpet which prevents the need for expensive carpet replacements.

Carpet Dyeing VS Replacement

When a hotel has carpets that are badly stained or look dull due to fading, the hotel owner or manager will most often consider carpet replacements. Replacing carpets in a hotel has a number of drawbacks. Owners often invest in high quality carpet that is rather expensive. Additionally, the time it takes to remove old carpet, prep the floor for the new carpet, along with installation, can take up quite a bit of time. Carpet replacement can interrupt business production and profits. However, there is another alternative such as carpet dyeing services. Carpet dyeing can restore carpet that has been stained or has lost their color. As hotel managers properly care for carpet, the carpet often makes the perfect candidate for carpet dyeing.

Bleach Spot & Stain Removal from Carpets

For carpets that have unsightly blemishes such as bleach spots, coffee stains, or ink stains, just to name a few, know that these stains can be permanent. However, carpet dyeing services have a special technique that can remove spots and stains from carpets. For blemishes such as red wine, coffee, or ink stains, these types of stains are first bleached out to remove all pigment from the carpet. Once the pigment including the original dye is stripped out of the carpet, a carpet dye technician will reapply the same dye color back into the spot, restoring the carpet. Bleach spots are essentially done the same way. However, they usually only need an application of dye to restore the bleach spot.

How Does Carpet Dyeing Work for Faded & Discolored Carpets?

When carpet in a hotel has completely faded, it is often due to either improper carpet cleaning, UV exposure, or even simply time. Dull carpet can make the hotel look old and neglected. To correct this simple misconception, the entire carpeted area can be re-dyed. Solid color carpet or those with elaborate patterns can be dyed. A carpet dye technician will use the same dye color to restore the carpet back to its original glory. However, if desired, the carpet color can be altered. Carpet can be dyed a new color but most often a darker hue is required. When changing the carpet’s color there will be dye applied over the current dye in the carpet. As a result the new color will be darker. Once the carpet’s color is dyed, it will once again have a brighter and more vibrant color, enhancing the look of the entire hotel.

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Dyeing carpet is fast and far less invasive than carpet replacement. Additionally, carpet dyeing can help save significantly over the cost of carpet replacements. When a hotel requires a carpet dyeing service, contact Carpet Dye-Tech and schedule our services today!

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