Carpet Dyeing for Churches in South Fulton, GA to Restore or Change Color of Carpets, Repair Bleach Spots & More

Many churches across America have temporarily closed their doors to help fight against the current pandemic of the COVID-19 virus. As churches will never fall, many impatiently await the time they may return to their Sunday worship. Many churches are preparing for the time they can re-open their doors even now. Many churches are being thoroughly cleaned in and outside their building. Basic maintenance is being completed to ensure the beauty of the church. Many church managers are seeking help restoring their carpets. Carpets are being deep cleaned. However, some may require more than cleaning. For carpet in churches that are stained or have lost their beautiful colors, often they need carpet dyeing. Carpet Dye-Tech will share how carpet dyeing services can help restore carpet in churches.

Causes of Carpet Browning & Fading

Carpets in churches are not safe from stains, bleach spots and fading. Carpets will fade due to a number of different reasons. Some causes of carpet fading is due to improper carpet cleaning where the wrong HP or alkaline levels were exposed to the carpet. Another common cause of carpet fading is UV exposure. When carpet is exposed to constant sun the dye breaks down and causes the carpet to become lighter. The dyes can also break down due to time. Older carpets can appear more dull in color. Carpets inside churches also will have developed stains from food and drinks during church events and activities. Carpet inside churches may also get bleach spots from accidental spills.

Carpet Dyeing VS Replacement

When it comes to carpets inside churches with stains, bleach spots, or those that have lost their color completely, managers may feel like they have no choice but to replace the building’s carpets. However, that is not necessary. With carpet dyeing services, carpet color can be restored, even those with stains, bleach spots and fading. If the church manager would like to change the color of the carpet at this time, carpet dyeing services can do all of that without the need of carpet replacements.

Carpet Dyeing Restoration or Color Change

One of the primary services carpet dyeing companies provide is carpet dyeing. The entire carpeted area can be dyed, restoring dull or faded carpets. When dyeing carpets, at times they may need to be cleaned first to prevent interference with the dyeing process. When carpets are dyed the technician will dye the carpet using its original dye formula to restore its color. If the church manager wants to change the color of the carpet, that can be down as well. However, when changing the carpets color do know they will become a darker color. This is due to the presence of the original dye in the carpet mixing with the new dye formula to create the new color.

Carpet Bleach Spot Removal

Another common service carpet dyeing companies provides is stain removal and more commonly, bleach spot repair. Bleach spots inside churches ruin the carpet’s appearance. Carpet technicians frequently provide bleach spot repair. Bleach spots are the absence of color. To restore bleach spots, a carpet dye technician carefully re-dyes the carpet to remove the appearance of the stain altogether.

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For church management that finds their carpets are in need of some restoration, contact Carpet Dye-Tech. We provide carpet dyeing, color change, bleach spot repair and more. To schedule our services, contact Carpet Dye-Tech today!

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