Carpet Dyeing Bleach Spot Repair for Cruise Ships in Jacksonville, FL; How to Get Bleach Spills Out of Carpets

Due to the current cancellation of cruises, a number of cruise ship are undergoing a lot of maintenance and cleaning all throughout Jacksonville, FL’s docks. A cruise ship is a luxury resort on the ocean. They house a great many rooms for their guests, activity centers and so much more. Throughout a cruise ship, one often finds carpet which helps to provide noise reduction, enhance the look of the ship and provide soft surfaces to walk on. Many cruise ships find their carpets are sprinkled which bleach spots. During this time of temporary cancellation of cruises, now is the perfect time to have those bleach spots repaired. Carpet Dye-Tech will share how bleach spots are caused and repaired with the aid of a professional carpet dyeing service.

What Causes Bleach Spots that Appear as Stains on Carpet?

Bleach spots are often seen as a lighter to pale spot on carpets. Bleach spots occur when the color or pigment is stripped out of the carpet. Bleach spots are not like stains that leave a foreign pigment in the carpet color. Bleach spots are the absence of color. Bleach spots are more commonly associated with bleach and other similar cleaning chemicals that spill onto the carpet. However, there are other sources of bleach spots. There are a number of hygiene products that contain chlorine like products such as foot and body creams. At times these hygiene products are also responsible for bleach spots on the carpet, and especially on a cruise ship.

How to Get Old Bleach Spots Out of Carpet

Repairing bleach spots on a cruise ship will often require the service of a carpet dyeing technician. Bleach spots will first require the need to be cleaned so as to remove even lingering substances that may interfere with the process. If the bleach spot still has some pigment left in the carpet, then in some cases the color may have been altered due to the bleach. At this point, the remaining pigment will need to be removed. To ensure the carpet is properly repaired, there are some situations where the remaining pigment will need to be removed. This is done by using a bleaching agent to strip out the rest of the color in the carpets. With a fresh start the carpet dye technician will then apply dye back into the bleach spot. It is important that the color matches perfectly with the rest of the carpet. A carpet dye technician will be able to properly rematch the dye to ensure the carpet matches. The carpet dye technician will use an air brush tool and dripper tool to apply the dye in small amounts at a time. They will slowly blend more dye into the carpet until the bleach spot is repaired. Once the dye is fully dry, the cruise ship will have perfect carpets with no bleach spots.

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A carpet dye professional like Carpet Dye-Tech can repair bleach spots in no time at all and with precision. For those who manage cruise ships docked along the South East Coast that need bleach spot repair or whole carpet dyeing, contact Carpet Dye-Tech. We provide bleach spot repair along with carpet dyeing and more. To schedule our services give us a call today.

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