Carpet Dyeing & Bleach Spot Repair for Senior Retirement Homes & Assisted Living Facilities in Warner Robins, GA

Carpet is a frequently used flooring material in assisted living facilities. You will find carpets in the resident rooms, hallways, entertainment area and more. Carpet helps provide excellent insulation, reduces noise, and ensures a soft non-slip flooring. As carpets are widely used throughout the facility, it comes as no surprise that they will require professional care services. When carpet develops stubborn stains or lose their once vibrant colors, there are two options that the management of assisted living facilities can take. One is to replace the carpets and the other is to repair them instead with carpet dyeing services. Carpet Dye-Tech will share how carpet dye services can help save assisted living facility owners time and money with carpet dyeing services.

Carpet Dyeing VS Replacement

Carpet dyeing services are often the better option, especially when the carpets are still in good condition such as in an assisted living facility. Carpet in assisted living facilities are often well cleaned and frequently vacuumed, making the carpet perfect candidates for carpet dyeing. Carpets that have stubborn stains that won’t wash out, unsightly bleach spots, or carpet that has lost its color can be restored. Restoring carpets can help save the management of an assisted living facility time and money as carpet dyeing is far less invasive and cheaper than carpet replacements.

Carpet Dyeing Restoration & Color Change

When carpets have lost their once vibrant color, either due to improper carpet cleaning, UV damage, or simple aging, they need attention. As the carpet fades they tend to look neglected even though management of an assisted living facility work hard to maintain their carpets. Restoring the carpet with dye is rather easy. A professional carpet dyeing service has a number of different carpet dyeing equipment that helps apply the dye onto the carpet effectively. A carpet dye technician will be able to evaluate the carpet’s previous color and use the correct dye formula to restore the carpet’s original color. However, if the owners of an assisted living facility request it, a carpet dye service can even change the color of their facility’s carpets. It is common to change the carpet color to a darker hue to help hide stains that frequently occur in assisted living facilities.

Carpet Spot Repair & Stain Removal

When carpet in an assisted living facility develops nasty stains they tend to make the facility appear unkempt and rather neglected. However, there are many different staining substances that will forever leave a stain in carpet, regardless as to how many times you attempt to clean them. Some permanent stains found in assisted living facilities are coffee, ink and blood stains. Bleach spots are another serious carpet blemish. Stains and spots can be restored on carpets easily with carpet dyeing services. Bleach spots are essentially the absence of color, so the dye is reapplied back onto the carpet. Stain substances are repaired by bleaching them out and applying the same dye back into the carpet.

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Carpet dyeing is often the best answer for assisted living facilities. Carpet dyeing services help to restore the carpets versus disturbing the facility’s residents along with costing the facility thousands of dollars on carpet replacements. When needing carpet dyeing services, contact Carpet Dye-Tech and schedule our services today.

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