How Do You Restore Color to Hotel Carpets in Kissimmee, FL? Causes of Carpet Fading, Bleaching & More

In a hotel the carpets are exposed to so many different elements that can cause a number of different flaws. When carpet develops these flaws, it diminishes the quality and beauty of the hotel. Hotel owners often feel like they must replace the carpet to maintain their hotel’s integrity. However, before jumping into expensive carpet replacements, Carpet Dye-Tech would like to share how carpet dyeing can help restore your hotel’s carpet from some of the most common types of carpet flaws.

Causes of Carpet Fading

One of the most common types of carpet flaws is fading. Carpet will fade in color often in the exposed areas. You will have patchy looking carpet when furniture is removed, revealing the fresh sections of carpet that have never been exposed. Carpet fading can occur due to UV light exposure, improper carpet cleaning, and even from aging. It is said that carpet will lose about 3% of its coloring every year. Overtime you will have faded and dull looking carpets inside your hotel.

Why is My Carpet Discolored?

Carpets will not always fade but instead become discolored. Discoloration in carpet can be due to a chemical exposure or from dirt. Dirt can cause the carpets to turn a grayish brown color. Smoking inside the guest room or in smoking areas can also cause the carpet to become discolored. It is important to frequently clean carpet with proper carpet cleaning techniques in smoking areas. Additionally, it is important to vacuum the carpet to remove dirt. Avoid high Alkaline levels when the carpets are cleaned as that tends to cause discoloration as well.

What Causes Carpet to Bleach?

Another common carpet flaw that develops inside hotels are bleach spots. A bleach spot can come from a number of different sources and affect carpet differently. Most bleach spots are due to an accidental exposure from bleach or a cleaning chemical that contains bleach or chlorine. Bleach spots can also come from some hygiene products or chlorine soaked towels that are left on the carpet from the pool. Bleach spots can completely affect the carpet where all of the color has been stripped out of the carpet. In some cases, only one or two of the color compounds remain where the spot isn’t completely colorless and often looks brown, pink, or green.

Why are Spots Appearing on My Carpet?

A specialty stain is basically a stain that will not wash out with any deep cleaning method. These stains come from some of the worst types of staining substances such as red wine, fruit juice, ink pens or dyes. Hotel carpet can develop specialty stains and when they do, they can be a hotel owner’s worst nightmare.

Can You Fix a Deformed Carpet?

Carpet flaws can be removed or corrected with commercial carpet dyeing services. As the carpet fiber is what has been affected, you simply need to correct the carpet coloring. This is done with carpet dyeing. Commercial carpet dyeing can repair faded, discoloration, stains and bleach spots inside your hotel. Not only does carpet dyeing help restore carpets and make them look like new, but it will also save the hotel owner money and extend the life of the carpet.

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