Is Carpet Dyeing Successful for Area Rugs in Orlando, FL? A Rug Can Be Dyed to Restore Color & Remove Spots!

Carpets and area rugs are a major investment in a home and business. Carpet can greatly vary in quality. The higher the quality carpets you have, the less you want to replace them. Area rugs are another major investment, especially when you have Persian and Oriental rugs. These areas rug cannot easily be replaced if at all. For those who have invested in quality carpet and area rugs, you know that when they fade and look old or stained, this can be a terrible situation. However, your expensive carpet and area rugs are not lost. They can be saved with professional carpet and area rug dyeing restorations.

Can an Area Rug Be Dyed?

High quality area rugs which can include Persian, Oriental and Antique rugs cannot easily be replaced and in some cases, they cannot be replaced at all. It makes sense that those who have high quality area rugs will look for ways to protect and extend the life of their area rugs. This is possible with area rug dyeing. When an area rug develops bleach spots, stains or becomes faded or discolored, your precious area rugs are not lost. The colors of your area rugs can be restored by redyeing the fibers of your area rug. Before an area rug is dyed they are often thoroughly cleaned first. Next, the stains will be treated and hopefully removed. If the stains will not wash out, they will be corrected with dyeing techniques. When dyeing an area rug, methods will vary depending on the color and design of the area rug. For area rugs with multiple colors and patterns, they are carefully dyed using an air brush. The area rugs original color is used to bring the color back to life. Bleach spots can also be repaired while the carpet is being dyed. If the only problem is bleach spots, a dye specialist can repair the bleach spot on your area rug. With area rug dyeing services, you can restore the beautiful colors and extend the life of your area rugs. You do not have to worry about throwing out or replacing your precious area rugs, simply seek professional area rug dyeing restoration services.

Why Carpet Dyeing is a Good Idea for Carpets

Carpet is a major investment to a business or home. Replacing carpet is both expensive and time consuming. For those with higher quality carpet you especially do not what to throw out your carpet over a few aesthetic problems. Carpet can be saved from stains, bleach spots, discoloration, traffic patterns and fading. Carpet can be saved with professional carpet dyeing services. When carpet develops aesthetic flaws, most of these flaws can be corrected and or removed with carpet dyes. The entire carpeted area can be dyed to ensure a clean and solid colored carpet. Carpet that has patterns and have different colors can also be restored using an air brush dye technique. When dyeing your carpet you can correct discoloration and fading. Additionally, stains can be bleached out and redyed with our bleach spot repairs. Carpet is usually cleaned first and then dyed to ensure the color binds to the carpet’s fibers. The dyes used are non-toxic, odorless, and colorfast to ensure that restorations lasts for decades. With carpet dyeing services, you can completely restore your carpet’s color and beauty and extend the life of your carpets.

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