Benefits of Carpet & Area Rug Dyeing in Fort Myers, FL; Dye Color Restoration, Bleach Spot Repair & More

When you have carpets or area rugs in your home or business, It is important to maintain them. To properly maintain carpets and area rugs, the key to extending their life is with proper cleaning. Both area rugs and carpet need to be vacuumed and cleaned. With proper care you can maintain the integrity of the carpet and area rugs. However, even with proper care, the carpet and area rugs can develop visual problems such as stains, bleach spots or fading. As long as the carpet and area rug is in good condition, you can have those visual flaws repaired with carpet and area rug dyeing. For those who do not know much about area rug and carpet dyeing, Carpet Dye-Tech would like to share how this service works and its many benefits.

How Do They Dye Carpets & Area Rugs?

For those who have never heard about carpet and area rug dyeing, this is a specialty service with the main focus of restoring color of carpet and area rugs. Both carpet and area rugs can develop fading where the color has lightened up and become dull. Carpet and area rugs can also develop discoloration wherein the coloring has been altered. This is a common problem after improper cleaning. Carpet and area rugs can easily develop stains that will not wash out. You might also have the notorious bleach spot that can only be corrected with dyeing bleach spot repairs. When the carpet or area rug needs dyeing restoration, they are first thoroughly cleaned. It is important that all of the dirt and other substances in the carpet or rug is removed to ensure the dyes properly bind to the fibers. Next, the fibers of either the carpet or area rugs will be dyed. When dyeing the carpet or area rugs, you can redye them their original coloring or even change their color if desired. When dyeing the carpet or area rug, the applied dyes can restore fading, discoloration, stains and repair bleach spots. After the carpet or area rug has been cleaned and then dyed, you will essentially have newly revitalized carpet and rugs that look great.

Benefits of Professional Carpet & Area Rug Dyeing

When you find your carpets or area rugs are full of flaws but are still in good condition, they are the perfect candidate for dyeing restoration. When you have either your area rugs or carpets dyed, you reclaim them. Once carpet and area rugs have been dyed, they look clean, vibrant and look brand new. Once your carpet and area rugs have been renewed you add years to their life. You can avoid carpet or area rug replacements, which saves you money. Not only will you save money on carpet replacement but time as well. When you replace carpets you will need to reserve the time to have the carpet removed, the floor cleaned and prepped and the new carpet installed. When you have carpet that only looks bad, you can have them looking like new within hours, saving you time. When it comes to area rugs, we know those high quality and exotic area rugs are very expensive and even priceless. Throwing out an Antique, Persian or Oriental rug is simply a mistake. You can have these priceless treasures restored with area rug dyeing.

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