How Do You Get Color Back & Fix Bleach Spots on Vacation Rental Carpets in Canton, GA; Carpet Dyeing Solution

Vacation rentals everywhere are very busy preparing their building for the upcoming holiday season. During the holidays many people will use this time to go on vacation and visit friends or family. Vacation rentals need to be ready. Often deep cleaning occurs to ensure the vacation rentals look nice and are safe. When the carpet inside a vacation rental looks a bit faded, or bleach spots have occurred during the cleaning of the vacation rental, more help is needed. While preparing a vacation rental for the holiday season and you discover your carpets look terrible and need a bit of restoration, carpet dyeing services can help. Carpet Dye-Tech will share how carpet dyeing can help restore vacation rental carpet fast and effectively.

How Do You Fix Accidental Bleach Spots on Carpet?

Carpets inside a vacation rental is exposed to a number of different cleaning products and many of them contain chlorine or bleach. These cleaners are needed for all of the surfaces in the rental such as killing germs, viruses and bacteria. However, spills and accidents can happen where these cleaners are exposed to the carpets. When chlorine or bleach contacts the carpet they will begin to break down the dye compounds in the carpet, dissipating the color leaving a bleach spot. As many well know, there is no simple way to reverse a bleach spot since the color is gone. However, a bleach spot can be repaired. When a vacation rental owner discovers the carpets have bleach spots, a professional carpet dyeing service can come and repair the carpets. Depending on the size and number of bleach spots the vacation rental has, bleach spots in general can be repaired very quickly. When repairing a bleach spot, a professional will clean and neutralize the bleach in the carpet. Next, a professional will create a dye formula that matches the color of the carpet perfectly to ensure quality repairs. The dye is applied and once the dye and carpet have dried, the repairs are complete. The repairs are also permanent which means the vacation rental owner can have the carpet cleaned and the repair will not wash out.

It is Possible to Restore or Change the Color of a Carpet Without Replacing!

Replacing carpet in a vacation rental can get expensive and many of the owners will look for a number of ways to help extend the life of their carpet. Carpet inside a vacation rental are constantly vacuumed and cleaned and many also have carpet protectors to help fight against stains. However, even those carpets that are protected and cleaned will still fade and lose their color. When a carpet fades it begin to look old and neglected even though the carpets are well maintained. This is where many vacation rental owners will decide it is time to replace the carpets. However, there is another solution and that is to redye the carpets. The entire carpeted area can be redyed which enriches the carpet color. Vacation rentals can have their carpet revived and the life of the carpet extended. Dyeing the carpet are fast and is an affordable solution when you want beautiful carpet in your vacation rentals.

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For those who own or manage a vacation rental, and need help restoring the carpets before the major holiday season, contact Carpet Dye-Tech today.

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