How Can You Fix Bleach Spots on Carpets in Buckhead, GA? Carpet Dyeing Restoration with Perfect Color Match

Did you spill bleach or a bleach based cleaner all over your carpets? There are a number of different scenarios of how a bleach agent was accidentally exposed to the carpets. However, regardless of the scenario, the ending result of each story is a left over bleach spots on your carpets. Bleach spots simply look terrible and can become very distracting. You may look for a way to help color in the bleach spot to only discover there is no proper or permanent DIY solution. When you have a bleach spot on your carpets you can seek the aid of a carpet dye specialist that offers bleach spot repairs. For proper and permanent bleach spots repairs with amazing results, a professional is your best choice. Carpet Dye-Tech would like to walk you through the steps on how a professional repairs bleach spots on your carpet.

Can You Fix a Bleach Spot on Carpet Yourself?

When you look for a way to repair a bleach spot yourself, you may find crazy methods that use hair dye, markers, and even color crayons. First, you should be aware that the color repair will not match the rest of the carpet, and these repair methods are not permanent. The reason DIY repairs do not last is because the bleach is still active in the color. A professional knows that the bleach is still in the carpet and needs to be removed or neutralized! To ensure permanent repair, the first step a professional dye specialist will do is clean the site of the bleach spot to remove dirt and other contaminates that will interfere with the repair. As they clean the site they will apply a bleach neutralizer to ensure the carpet dye will bind to the carpet fibers.

Professionals Offer an Exact Carpet Color Match

Once the site has been cleaned and the bleach has been neutralized, the carpet dye specialist will make the dye formula that matches the rest of the carpet. Many people often wonder why they mix the dye themselves. You may find carpet dye color that has already been made online. However they will not perfectly match the color of your carpet. This is because every carpet manufacture uses their own dye formulas. For example, car manufacturers may all sell their various vehicles in a red color but not all red colors are the same. This is true when it comes to carpet. No one color is the same. Additionally, manufacturers do not sell their dyes. This is why a professional must accurately make the dye color formula themselves to ensure the repair blends in and matches the rest of the carpet. One of the biggest benefits of seeking a professional bleach spot repair is that the repair perfectly matches the rest of the carpet.

How are Carpets Dyed?

Once the dye formula has been prepared we will apply it over the bleach spot. There are different methods of applying the dye. Depending on the type of carpet and the size of the bleach spot, a carpet dye specialist may use either a syringe, dropper, or an air brush tool. However, it is important the dye is applied in small layers and worked into the carpet. The carpet fiber must be dyed from the very bottom to the top or the repair will look terrible.

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Repairing a bleach spot requires patience and proper technique to ensure the repair looks great. Once repaired, you can still have the carpet cleaned without fear of the dye bleeding out of the carpets as the repairs are permanent. For quality bleach spot repairs and carpet dyeing services, contact Carpet Dye-Tech today.

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