Carpet Dyeing to Fix Accidental Bleach Spills & Discoloration of Faded Hotel Carpets in Tucker, GA

When a carpet color fades or the carpet develops bleach spots, the carpet alone can diminish the aesthetics of the entire building. This is bad news for a hotel. When the carpets affects the appearance or quality of the hotel, this is a problem a hotel owner will need to correct. When carpets that have faded or developed bleach spots, the hotel owner may decide it is time to replace the carpets. However, there is another alternative. Carpet Dye-Tech would like to share how carpets that have faded or has bleach spots can be restored.

Carpet Replacement is Much More Expensive than Dyeing Carpets

When carpets lose the vibrant colors or have bleach spots, the hotel owner may decide to replace the carpets. The decision to replace the carpet is not easy for the owner. When carpets are being replaced, the area of the hotel will need to be shut down until the carpets have been installed. Replacing carpets in a hotel can take a lot of time and disrupt the hotel operation. Before a hotel owner decides to replace carpet only because they look terrible, the carpet appearance can be restored fairly quickly and much more affordably than replacing them.

Restore Color on Carpet

Carpets that are faded can be restored by applying a fresh dose of dye over the carpet. Carpets that are one color, have many colors or even unique patterns can be dyed. Carpet can eventually look dull as the dye can begin to lighten up and fade. To restore the carpet color, it needs new dye. The carpet can be dyed fairly quickly unless it has pattern and contains different colors as they require a hands on approach which will require a bit more time. In general, carpet dyeing is fast and will restore the carpet’s color like new. Carpet dyeing can help restore the carpet aesthetics and improve the quality of the hotel. When a hotel has dull and faded carpets, seek out carpet dyeing service to help quickly and effectively restore the carpet color.

Fix Bleach Spots on Carpet

Another common problem in hotels is bleach spots. Due to the need for detailed and intense cleaning, carpet can be accidentally exposed to cleaners with chlorine or bleach. When bleach spots develop on carpet inside a hotel, the hotel owner will want to have the bleach spot repaired to maintain the hotel’s aesthetics. Bleach spots are common and can be quickly repaired. Depending on the size and number of bleach spots, on average those spots can take about 30 minutes to repair. A hotel owner can have their bleach spots repaired within a short period of time to maintain the carpet appearance.

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Hotels that have carpet with faded carpets or bleach spots do not have to replace their carpet. Carpet with these basic problems can be repaired and the carpet appearance restored. Carpet color restoration can help prevent the need to replace carpet and extend the life of the carpet. When a hotel has carpets that need their color restored or bleach spots repaired, contact Carpet Dye-Tech and schedule our services today.

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