How Do You Get Bleach Spots Out of Carpets in Dunwoody, GA? Carpet Dyeing Color Restoration

Hotel carpets will develop a number of problems such as bleach spots. Bleach spots occur on carpet in hotels due to a wide range of sources. Sometimes bleach spots can be very small to very large. When bleach spots occur they cannot be removed or washed out. When bleach spots occur inside a hotel the owner often needs help repairing their carpets. Carpet Dye-Tech will share how bleach spots are repaired and what causes them to happen.

What Causes Bleach Spots on Hotel Carpets?

Hotel carpets can get bleach spots in many different ways. Bleach spots most often are caused by a spill from a disinfectant cleaner. Many cleaners contain bleach which strips out the color in the carpets. Another source of bleach spots can come from chlorine soaked towels that were left on the carpet. Hotels with pools often have a guest that will leave their used towels on the carpet. Chlorine has the same effect as bleach on the carpet’s dye. Chlorine is also found on many hygiene products such as foot creams and ointments. There are many different sources for chlorine and bleach that can be exposed to the carpets. When carpets develop bleach spots inside a hotel, the bleach spots can be repaired. This is great news as bleach spots are a common problem for a hotel owner and they simply cannot replace their carpet each time a bleach spot appears on their carpet.

Can You Recolor Bleached Carpet?

When bleach spots occur on the carpet the color is being stripped out, leaving behind the natural color of the carpet. To repair a bleach spot you will need to put the color back into the carpet. For a hotel, the appearance of the building is essential. Customers will often judge a hotel by its appearance. When bleach spots form they can be repaired very quickly. A carpet dye specialist can repair a bleach spot in about 30 minutes.

How Do You Neutralize Carpet Bleach Spots?

When repairing a bleach spot the first step is to clean the site and neutralize the bleach. Bleach goes dormant and will be reactivate when soaked or saturated again. This means without neutralizing the bleach, the carpet cannot be repaired. Once the bleach has been neutralized and the site rinsed and cleaned, it can now be dyed. A carpet dye specialist is able to recreate the dye of the carpet to ensure it matches the rest of the color of the carpet. Not only can carpet dye professionals repair solid colored carpets with ease, but we can even dye patterned carpets. They can redye the pattern of the carpet as well which means a bleach spot can be repaired on both patterns and multiple colored carpets just as well as solid colored carpet. Once the dye has been applied and blended into the carpet fibers, the carpet will need to dry before the carpet can be walked on. Carpet can be dyed fairly quickly and once it dries, the dye will not wash out when the carpet is cleaned and will not rub off. The dyes used are non-toxic so the hotel owner doesn’t need to have any fears about any harmful chemicals in their building.

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