How to Fix Bleach Spots on Carpets in Casinos in Montgomery, AL; Neutralizing Solution & Carpet Dyeing

Casinos are a place where people come to have a good time playing the many games the casinos have to offer. Casinos can become a very busy place which makes it difficult to maintain them. Often the time period to clean the casino is a very short window. When cleaning a casino, disinfecting is essential to ensure a safer place for the guests. When cleaning a casino, and in short period of time, accidents can occur and the cleaners used can spill or fall on the carpets. The disinfecting cleaners often contain bleach or chlorine which can strip out the color in the carpet. When bleach spots occur, the casino owner will often look for a fast and effective way to repair their carpets. Carpet Dye-Tech will share how we can help repair bleach spots and ensure quality repairs.

What Happens if Bleach Gets on Carpet

Bleach spots can occur on the carpet at any time. The color is stripped out leaving a pale spot on the carpets. As casino owners need to maintain a clean and pristine building, they need to seek out fast and reliable ways to repair bleach spot on the carpets. For fast and quality repairs, a carpet dyeing specialist can come to the building and restore the carpet in a casino. When a carpet dye specialist arrives they can repair a bleach spot on average within 30 minutes. However, the number and size of the bleach spots will dictate how long the repair may take.

How Do You Neutralize Bleach Spots?

When repairing a bleach spot, the goal is to dye the bleached section of the carpet so the repair matches the rest of the carpet perfectly. There are several steps that are taken to ensure quality bleach spot repairs. First, the carpet dye specialist will clean the site of the bleach spot and use a bleach neutralizer. The neutralizer is essential and if not done properly, then the bleach spot repair will fail. Bleach goes dormant and then reactivates if the bleach becomes saturated again. The dye applied to the carpet will simply dissipate and never repair the bleach spot. The neutralizer used will deactivate the bleach which allows the carpets to be dyed.

How Do You Get New Carpet Color to Match Old?

Dyeing the carpet is no simple task. Once the bleach has been deactivated, the bleach spot can now be dyed. A carpet dye specialist will create a dye formula that matches the carpet color perfectly. With a lot of training and experience, three primary dye colors are blended together which are red, blue and yellow to create the right color. The dye is then applied to the carpet in small quantities which allow the dye time to soak into the fibers of the carpet. Once the dye process is finished, the bleach spot repairs are complete. The dyes used for carpet are non-toxic and once dried, the dye will not rub off or bleed out when the carpets are cleaned. Professional bleach spot repair is a permanent fix for bleach spots and restores the carpet quickly.

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Casino owners need their carpet cared for fast but effectively. When bleach spots occur, know that the carpet can be repaired fast with professional bleach spot repair. For carpet bleach spot repair, carpet dyeing, and more, contact Carpet Dye-Tech today!

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