Can Bleach Spots on Carpet Be Removed By Dye Contractors in Alpharetta, GA? Yes, with Carpet Dyeing Restoration!

Bleach spots on carpets are some of the worst problems that can occur. Carpets sometimes have stains. With proper cleaning you can often wash the stains out, unlike a bleach spot. When bleach spots occur on carpets it may seem like a hopeless cause. However, bleach spots on carpets can be repaired. Carpet Dye-Tech will share how to repair bleach spots on carpets.

What Causes Bleach Spots on Carpet?

When carpets are exposed to a bleaching chemical, which includes chlorine, carpet will develop a bleach spot. Chlorine and bleach is found in many different cleaners that are most often used to disinfect surfaces in a home or business. When carpet develops bleach spots, the dye in the carpet will be stripped out until only a pale spot remains on the carpet. When bleach spots take the dye out of the carpet, the solution is simple: you will need to put dye back into the carpet.

Bleach Neutralizer for Carpet

Carpets in which the color has been stripped out by a bleaching agent can be restored in a few steps. Even though repairing bleach spots may seem simple enough, for perfect results it is best to use a professional. A professional carpet bleach spot repair service starts by cleaning the site of the bleach spot. When cleaning the affected areas, a bleach neutralizer is used to deactivate the bleach in the carpet. Bleach is a unique chemical that will go dormant, yet when reactivated by moisture, the bleach can spread and continue to damage the carpet. It is essential to neutralize the bleach not only to stop the spread of the bleach spots but also for the new dye to take hold of the carpet.

How Do Professional Dye Contractors Match Carpet Color?

Once the bleach has been neutralized, the next step is make a perfectly matched dye formula to repair the bleach spots. This is where a professional puts their skills to the test. Making a dye that matches the carpet is no easy task and requires a lot of training and experience to get the color dead on. Many people often ask why not just buy a matching premade dye? When carpets are manufactured by the many different companies, each company uses their own dye formula, even for the similar colors. Not only is each color slightly different from each company, but the manufacturer does not bottle and sell their dyes. The premade dyes you can find online are guesses that never perfectly match the color of any carpet. This is why a professional carpet dye specialist is trained and taught how to mix dyes together to recreate your carpet dye color. With the dye formula mixed and ready, the dye is slowly applied to the bleach spot in small amounts at a time. The dye is blended into the carpet until the bleach spot is repaired. It is important to apply the needed amount of dye to ensure the repairs are perfect. Too little or too much dye may result in imperfect repairs.

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When carpets develop bleach spots and they need to be repaired, seek professional bleach spot repair from Carpet Dye-Tech!

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