How Do You Fix Bleached & Discolored Hotel Carpet in Peachtree Corners, GA? Carpet Dyeing Restoration

Carpet inside a hotel often needs various types of repairs, and one of the most common needs is color restoration and bleach spot repair. Hotel carpet will have its color fade over time and bleach spots will occur frequently. This is why it is important to have a carpet color and bleach spot repair team on your side. For those who own or manage a hotel, Carpet Dye-Tech will share how commercial carpet dyeing services help aid hotel owners maintain beautiful carpets.

Can You Dye Commercial Carpet?

Commercial carpet dyeing is a service aimed to help maintain clean and vibrant carpets in any commercial setting. Commercial carpet dyeing helps to restore carpet with faded traffic patterns or carpet that has dulled over time. When carpets have heavy traffic patterns or have faded away, they look misused, neglected and old. For a hotel, this will not do. Often a hotel is judged rather harshly, which is why hotel owners dedicate a lot of care into every aspect of the hotel, including the carpets. Commercial carpet dyeing is a fast and effective way to maintain clean and vibrant looking carpets. How is this done? For those who do not know about commercial carpet dyeing, the idea behind the service is to apply fresh dye to the carpet. A new application of dye restores the carpet’s appearance. The dye makes the color look new and vibrant once again. Carpet dyeing can help remove the appearance of traffic patterns in the carpet and even cover some stains. Carpets that are solid with one color or those that have patterns and use many colors, all can be dyed. This ensures that regardless as to the type of carpet used in the hotel, they can be restored. Another option the hotel can take advantage of is to change the color of the carpet. Carpet can be dyed a different color. If the hotel owner finds they need a different color of carpet, then carpet dyeing is an option. Commercial carpet dyeing has a number of options and can help the hotel owner in different ways. If the hotel owner needs to restore their carpet, commercial carpet dyeing can help.

Carpet Bleach Spot Removal

Hotels will develop bleach spots on the carpet. Bleach spots can develop in many ways. Bleach spots can come from spills from a cleaner, hygiene product, or a soaked towel used at the pool. Bleach and chlorine can strip out the dye in carpet leaving behind those obvious and distracting bleach spots. When bleach spots occur, commercial carpet dyeing can help. A commercial dyeing service provides a service known as bleach spot repair. As the name suggests, this service repairs bleach spots on the carpet. The concept is fairly simple. As the dye was stripped out of the carpet, you will need to restore the dye in the carpet. Even though the concept is simple, it is important to seek out a professional. Repairing a bleach is complex and requires skill and training to ensure the repairs are permanent and match the rest of the carpet perfectly. When a hotel carpet has bleach spots, the owner can have them quickly repaired with commercial carpet dyeing and bleach spot repair services.

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