Carpet Dyeing in Dunwoody, GA Hotels; Color Change or Restoration of Carpets, Bleach Spot Removal & More

As the carpet in hotels begin to fade or become overcome with stains, hotel management may need to replace their building’s carpets. Carpet replacement can be very costly not only in man power and materials, but often it requires the hotel to close off sections of their building, thus losing revenue. Luckily, there is another alternative: with carpet dyeing services hotel managers can avoid expensive carpet replacements. Carpet Dye-Tech will share how hotel managers can benefit from carpet dyeing services.

Carpet Dyeing VS Replacement

Hotel managers often invest in some of the highest quality carpets, to ensure longevity and enhance the aesthetics of the hotel. However, carpet in hotels can easily stain, fade and even become discolored. There are a number of elements seeking to destroy the carpet’s integrity. As carpet in hotels are well maintained, they also make the perfect candidate for carpet dyeing restoration. Hotel carpet doesn’t always need to be replaced. Sometimes, instead, it can be restored. Carpets that are faded or stained can be repaired and restored with carpet dyeing in a shorter period of time then the time it takes for carpet replacement. Additionally, carpet dyeing is far more affordable and is much better for the environment.

Carpet Color Restoration & Other Dyeing Services

Carpet dyeing includes a number of services that can benefit hotels. One of the primary focuses is carpet color restoration. Both carpets and even area rugs inside hotels can be dyed restoring their vibrant appearance. A carpet dye technician can accurately determine the original dye formula and apply a fresh application of dye on solid or multi-colored carpets and rugs. However, carpet dye services are not just limited to restoring the carpet’s original colors. If desired, the hotel manager can have the carpet color changed. When a hotel manager wants darker colored carpet to hide stains or to prolong carpet cleanings, or they have undergone some color changes, the carpet can be dyed a new color. However, when changing the carpet color, keep in mind that carpet can only go a darker color and never lighter. If the hotel manager wishes for darker carpets, they can be dyed versus replaced which helps owners save on carpet replacements costs.

Bleach Spot Repair of Carpets

Hotel often does one have a major battle with carpet blemishes, including bleach spots. There are many hygiene products that can leave bleach spots on the carpet or rugs in hotels. Cleaners that contain bleach or chlorine also can leave permanent bleach spots. Stains such as red wine, coffee, along with other strong colored substances don’t always fully get removed from carpet even after some of the most intense cleaning. Again, carpet dyeing services can be contacted, and an experienced dye technician can easily remove permanent spots and stains and restore the carpet appearance.

Carpet Dyeing, Bleach Spot Removal & More in Savannah, GA, Wilmington, NC, Charleston, SC, Chattanooga, TN, Birmingham, AL, Gulfport, MS, Shreveport, LA, Jacksonville, FL & Beyond

The many services that carpet dyeing companies provide can greatly help hotel management maintain clean and beautiful looking carpets. With carpet dyeing services, the hotel ownership can greatly prolong carpet replacement needs. Carpet dyeing isn’t nearly as invasive and doesn’t require the hotel to shut down large portions of their building. Smaller sections can be dyed and restored as needed and the hotel can maintain its productivity with little interference. For quality carpet dyeing services for hotels and other commercial settings, contact Carpet Dye-Tech today!

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