Commercial Carpet Dyeing & Bleach Spot Repair for Restoration of Vacation Rental Carpets in Brookhaven, GA

For those who have the challenge of maintaining a vacation rental you know how hard it is to maintain the carpets. It is important to maintain the carpet’s appearance to ensure the vacation rental maintains positive reviews. Do you only have a short period of time to improve the carpets in the vacation rental? When the carpets develop stains, bleach spots or they begin to look dull, is carpet replacement not an option? When you know you do not have the time nor do you want to spend the money on replacing the carpets, there is an alternative. With commercial carpet dyeing, the carpet can be restored. Carpet Dye-Tech would like to share how commercial carpet dyeing can help restore the carpets in your vacation rentals quickly and affordably.

How Do You Get Color Back in Faded Carpet?

A vacation rental will have guests coming in and out quickly and there is little time to clean the vacation rental let alone replace the carpets. However, you do not have to replace carpet simply because they look bad. A vacation rental owner can have their carpets restored and within a much shorter period of time. When the carpets fade they look old and never maintained, even though this is not the truth. The good news is that carpets that are faded or dull can be restored. The entire carpet can be dyed which will revive the carpet’s color and appearance. Carpet dyeing can be done quickly. However to do it properly, all of the furniture will need to be cleared off the carpet so it is bare. The surface of the carpet is coated in dye and then the dye is worked deep into the fibers of the carpet using a carpet rake. The dyes used are completely safe and are non-toxic. Additionally, the dyes will not wash out or rub off once they are dry. Carpet dyeing is a permanent solution to dull and faded carpets. When a vacation rental owner needs help reviving their carpet color, commercial carpet dyeing is the fast and most affordable solution.

Bleach Spot Repair of Vacation Rental Carpets

Another common problem in vacation rentals are stains and bleach spots. Guests will always leave behind stains and even cause bleach spots. Accidental spills during cleaning can also result in bleach spots on the carpets. When the vacation rental needs stains removed or bleach spots repaired, commercial carpet dyeing services can help. Stains should be cleaned and treated before panicking. If the stain will not come out even with professional cleaning aids, then you may need to have the stain bleached out. Once the stain has been bleached out the site is then repaired. Bleach spots whether it is to remove a stain or due to exposure from a bleaching agent, they can be repaired. Repairing a bleach spot can be done within 30 minutes, which ensures the carpets are beautiful before guests arrive. When repairing a bleach spot the site is cleaned and treated with a bleach neutralizer and then dyed. With the aid of a professional dye specialist they can guarantee the dyes match perfectly with the rest of the carpet.

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When a vacation rental has stains, bleach spots or has dull, old looking carpet and needs the carpet restored quickly, contact Carpet Dye-Tech today.

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