How Do You Fix a Bleach Spot on Carpet in Marietta, GA? Bleach Neutralizer & Carpet Dyeing Restoration

When carpets are exposed to a bleaching agent, the dyes will break down until all of the color dissipates, leaving behind a bleach spot on your carpets. When bleach spots form they cannot be washed out or easily fixed. The carpet no longer has dye in the affected area which means it cannot be repaired unless you properly tend to the bleach spot. For those who may not know what bleach spot repair is or why it is important to seek professional aid, Carpet Dye-Tech will share what bleach spot repair is and the steps it takes to properly repair bleach spots.

What is Professional Bleach Spot Repair of Carpets?

Bleach spot repair, as the name suggests, is a method to repair bleach spots permanently and properly on carpet. Bleach spots can only be properly corrected with this method. You may find a bunch of crazy ways to repair bleach spots on carpet online. Some of these crazy methods may involve hair dye, markers, pen ink or crayons. These methods are either not permanent or will not look very good at all. To better understand why you will want to have the carpet repaired properly, we will walk you through the steps of professional bleach spot repair.

Bleach Neutralizer & Other Steps of Carpet Bleach Spot Removal

Step 1. Clean and Neutralize Carpet Spot: The first step when repairing a bleach spot is to clean the area or site of the bleach spot. It is important to remove any impurities in the carpet to ensure the dye binds with the fibers. One of the most important steps is that while the site is cleaned, a bleach neutralizer is applied over the site of the bleach spot. A bleaching agent can go dormant and then be reactivated when the area becomes wet. Once a bleaching agent is reactivated, it will prevent the dye form binding to the carpet. This is why bleach spot repairs fail. It is very important to neutralize the bleaching agent in the carpet. Once the bleach has been neutralized and the site cleaned, it is ready for the next step.
Step 2. Create the Carpet Dye: The next step is to dye over the bleach spot. However, before the dye is applied the dye color must be created. You can find pre-made dye color that advertises to match your carpets. However, this may or may not be true. This is because there are many different carpet manufactures and each of them use their own color. It is much like car manufactures, not one dealership uses the same color of red or gray. The same is true for carpet companies. Each of them use their own unique color. The only way to get a perfectly matched color is to make the dye on site. A professional carpet dye specialist is trained in creating dye colors and will ensure the color matches the rest of the carpet perfectly.
Step 3. Dye the Bleach Spot: Once the dye color has been mixed and is ready, the dye is applied to the bleach spot. Depending on the type of carpet and the size of the bleach spot, the method of applying the dye can vary. The dye specialist will often use a dropper, syringe, and an air brush tool. Once the dye is applied and has finished drying your carpet, it will be permanently repaired!

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