How Do You Fix Bleach Spots on Carpet in Milton, GA? Reverse the Effects with Neutralizer & Carpet Dyeing

When your carpets have pale almost white or yellow colored spots, you likely have a bleach spot. Bleach spots are very distracting and they will ruin the aesthetics of the carpets. Bleach spots will not wash out like a stain. Bleach spots need to be repaired if you want to get rid of them. For those with bleach spots on their carpet, you may want a solution to this problem. Carpet Dye-Tech will share why bleach spots develop and how they are permanently repaired.

What Happens if You Spill Bleach on Carpet?

Carpets that are exposed to chlorine or bleach will cause the dyes in the carpet to dissipate until all of the pigment is lost. Bleach and chlorine is most exposed to the carpet from cleaners. A number of basic cleaners contain chlorine and bleach and accidental spills frequently occur. In some cases bleaching can be caused by hygiene products and pool water. When you have a bleach spot on your carpets, they can be repaired.

Can You Reverse Bleach Spots?

Bleach spots are repaired by restoring the lost dye from the carpet. This is a simple concept but it is no easy task. For the repairs to match the rest of the carpets perfectly, it is important that the bleach spots are repaired properly. When repairing a bleach spot the very first step is to remove the bleach in the carpet. Bleach can remain dormant in carpet for a long period of time and is easily reactivated. In order to permanently repair a bleach spot, the bleach must be neutralized. A bleach neutralizer is applied to the bleach spot and then cleaned. Once the bleach spot has been cleaned and the bleach neutralized, the bleach spot is ready to be dyed.

Can Bleach Spots Be Dyed?

The proper dyes must be used to color the carpet. Never should any other dye or color agent be used on carpets. Only the dyes designed for carpets are suitable. Not only do you need to use the right dye but you must create an accurate color that matches the rest of the carpet. What most people do not know is that you cannot buy a dye color that already matches your carpets. Companies that make carpet use their own dye colors and they do not sell them. A carpet dye specialist has the understanding and training to make a matching dye color. They do this by mixing the proper amounts of red, blue and yellow dye together to create the needed color. Once the dye has been mixed, the dye is then ready to be applied to the carpet. Applying the dye to the carpet must be done carefully. The dye is applied either by using a dropper, syringe, or brush tool. You only want to apply the dye to the bleach spot and not on the rest of the carpet. It also important that the right amount of dye is applied to ensure the repair matches perfectly. When dyeing the bleach spot, know that the dye is also permanent so carpet can be cleaned if needed. The dyes are also non-toxic and pose no harm.

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Bleach spot repairs can be done anywhere and in any setting. If you own a business and have bleach spots on your carpet or have them on the carpet in your home, contact Carpet Dye Tech today.

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