Is Carpet Dyeing Resistant to Fading in Resorts in Savannah, GA? Color Restoration for Carpets & More

A resort will promise families, friends, and couples a great time. Resorts provide great rooms, pools, spas, gyms and more. When visiting a resort guests will want to know they are in a well maintained and quality establishment. When guests feel the resort is top notch, they will often return as they know they will have a great time at a great place. For a resort it is important that they maintain every aspect of their building and property. One of the more challenging aspects of a resort is the carpets. The quality of the carpets can have a major effect on the reputation of the resort. To ensure clean and beautiful carpets, a resort owner will often turn to commercial carpet dyeing services. Carpet Dye-Tech would like to share how a resort owner can benefit from commercial carpet dyeing.

How Can Dyeing Carpet Help a Resort Be Successful?

Commercial carpet dyeing covers a wide range of services that can aid a resort owner in many different ways. Often a resort owner will encounter many problems and not just stains and bleach spots. Carpet can become discolored from improper carpet cleaning, over the counter cleaning products, and even from over exposure from the sun. Carpet’s color will also change with time. When the resort has discolored carpets, the carpets are either replaced or repaired. It is much more affordable for the carpet to be repaired versus replaced. Additionally, carpet replacements are invasive and take more time. When a resort owner needs their carpet appearance improved and fast, commercial carpet dyeing is the perfect solution. A crew of carpet dyeing specialists can have the carpet repaired in a few hours or faster depending on the size of the carpeted area. This process is done by dyeing the discolored or faded carpets. Dyeing the carpet helps to remove minor stains and discoloration and makes the color look much more vibrant. The carpet may need to be cleaned before it is dyed to ensure the dye binds with the carpet’s fiber. If the carpet needs to be cleaned first this may add a bit more time but not much. When dyeing the carpet, non-toxic dyes are used to ensure the safety of guests and staff. The dyes are natural based and come from plants. Once the dye binds to the carpet it will not wash out or rub off. Like any dye, it is still vulnerable to bleaching agents.

Keep Same Color Carpet or Dye Darker

When dyeing the carpets the resort owner can choose to keep the carpet the same color or change the carpet’s color. When changing the carpet color, the carpet dyeing specialist can create a custom color the owner wishes to make for their carpets. However, it is important to keep in mind that because the dye will be applied over the carpet as is, the previous color will cause the carpet color to be darker. Often resort owners will wish to change the color of their carpet to match a new theme and interior design. This can be done without the need for replacing the carpet simply by dyeing the carpet a new color.

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When the resort owner has carpet problems such as stains, bleach spots, faded or discolored carpet and need them repaired, contact Carpet Dye-Tech for quality commercial carpet dyeing services.

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