How Do You Fix Bleach Stained Spots on Carpets in Augusta, GA? Carpet Dyeing Color Restoration Spot Removal

When a business or other commercial setting has bleach spots on their carpets they can have a negative effect on the business and those spots can also become distracting to some. A business owner needs to work hard to maintain a clean and orderly building. When bleach spots form on the carpet, they should be quickly repaired to ensure the commercial building’s quality. Even though bleach spots are not the result of poor maintenance and is due to an accident, to improve the aesthetics of the building you will want to seek bleach spot repairs. Bleach spot repairs can be accomplished quickly and with great results when done properly. Carpet Dye-Tech would like to share how bleach spots are repaired in any commercial setting.

What Causes Bleach Spots?

To understand the process of bleach spot repairs it helps to have the basic understanding of how bleach spots occur. A bleach spot is the result of a bleach agent or chemical that was exposed to the carpet. A bleaching agent affects the dye used to color the carpet by breaking them down until the color dissipates away. Once the dye has been broken down this way, the carpet will have permanently lost its color. In order to repair a bleach spot the carpet will need to be dyed to restore the color in the carpet.

How Do You Neutralize a Bleach Spot on Carpet?

When repairing a bleach spot and in order to ensure the new dyes bond with the carpet, the bleach that caused the spot must be neutralized. Bleach can be reactivate in the carpet when applying the dye. Bleach can also remain dormant for long periods of time. This is why it is important the bleach spot site is clean and treated with a bleach neutralizer before you begin dyeing the carpets. Once the site has been cleaned and the bleach neutralized, the carpet is ready to be dyed.

Perfect Carpet Dye Match

When dyeing the carpets, many people assume there is a library of dye colors ready to be used. However, this is not the case. Manufacturers all use their own custom dye formulas that will not match other manufacturers. Additionally, the carpet manufacturers do not sell their dyes. The answer is simple. You mix your own dye to create an exact matching formula. Even though this is a simple concept, it is not easy. There is a lot of training that is required to get a perfectly matched dye color. This is where a professional is indispensable. A professional carpet dyeing specialist can accurately mix the right dyes together to create a matching dye color for your carpets.

Carpet Dyeing Process

Once the dye is mixed and ready, the carpet dye specialist will apply the dye in small quantities to ensure the dye is properly worked into the carpets. Once the dye has been applied, the site only needs to dry and the repairs are complete. Bleach spot repairs are permanent which allows the commercial center to freely clean their carpets without fear of washing out the dye. Bleach spot repair can be completed fairly quickly and properly with professional bleach spot repairs.

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If you own or manage a business or commercial center and have bleach spots, contact Carpet Dye-Tech today. We will expertly neutralize these spots and apply a perfect color matched dye so no-one would ever know the bleach spots had been there.

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