Carpet Dyeing Color Restoration to Fix Bleached & Discolored Condominium Carpets in Columbus, GA

It makes a lot of sense to do everything you can to extend the life of your carpets, but this couldn’t be more true for those who live in a condominium. Condominiums demand that at least 20% of the living space have a sound proofing flooring and carpet is one of the primary types of sound proof flooring used in condos. It is easy to see why those who live in condos will look for ways to maintain and extend the life of their carpets. For those who need help extending the life of their carpets, Carpet Dye-Tech will share how condominiums can indeed, extend the life of their carpets.

Can You Dye Existing Carpet to Get Back to Original Color?

Most people understand the basics of maintaining carpets. You need to vacuum them weekly and have them deep cleaned every six to twelve months. Where these basic steps will help keep the carpet clean and do help extend the life of the carpet, dirty carpet isn’t the main reason why carpets are replaced. Most people will replace carpets when they look bad. Carpet that looks faded or has bleach spots often influence the condominium owner to have their carpets replaced. But what if you restore carpet that only looks bad instead? The carpet’s appearance can be restored with commercial carpet dyeing. When carpets fade they look dull and very aged. However, you can revive your carpet color. To reverse your carpet’s age, a carpet dyeing crew can come to your condo and apply a fresh dose of dye to the carpet. During this time, the condo owner can choose to have the carpet’s color dyed the same color or even give it a new color. Changing the carpet color is a fun option. However, it will become a darker color than the original color of the carpet. Carpet dyeing is fast and much cheaper than carpet replacement. To help extend the life of the condominium’s carpet, commercial carpet dyeing services is the solution.

How Do You Fix Bleach Damaged Condo Carpet?

Condominium carpets not only suffer from old faded looking carpets, but many of them will have bleach spots. Bleach spots frequently occur when the carpet is exposed to a cleaner or other product that contains either chlorine or bleach. When either one of these chemicals make contact with the carpet, they strip out the dye in the carpet leaving behind a white or yellowish marking. As bleach spot cannot be washed out or removed. Instead, they can be repaired. To repair a bleach spot in a condominium, the affected area of the carpet will need the stripped out dye replaced with new color. There are a number of steps involved in repairing a bleach spot. However, basically the site will need to be cleaned and treated with a bleach neutralizer. Next the dye is mixed and then carefully applied to the bleach spots on the carpet. For best results you will want to seek a professional bleach spot repair and or carpet dyeing service. To ensure the dye color matches the rest of the carpet perfectly, you will want to make sure you have a trained and experienced carpet dyeing specialist.

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