How Do I Put Color Back in My Already Laid Hotel Carpets in Lehigh Acres, FL? Carpet Dyeing Restoration

A hotel owner often needs a lot of help maintaining clean and beautiful carpets. A hotel owner will frequently seek carpet cleaning and ensure the carpets are vacuumed daily. However, carpet cleaning and vacuuming isn’t always enough to maintain flawless and beautiful carpets. A hotel owner will need help maintaining stain free carpets, repairing bleach spots and ensuring vibrant colors. Carpet Dye-Tech would like to share how commercial carpet dyeing can help hotel owners maintain flawless and beautiful carpets.

Can Commercial Carpet Be Dyed?

In a hotel, a number of scenarios can occur that can cause the carpets to develop stains, bleach spots, discoloration, and fading. These problems can occur suddenly or slowly over time. When these problems do occur inside your hotel, they can be corrected with commercial carpet dyeing. Commercial carpet dyeing can help any commercial settings, such as a hotel correct the carpets in various scenarios. When carpet becomes discolored, faded, or has developed traffic patterns, they can be corrected with whole room carpet dyeing. The entire carpeted area is dyed which will correct discoloration and repair traffic patterns as well as fading. Carpets that have colorful patterns or those carpets that are a single colored can be repaired. When dyeing the carpets, the hotel owner can even choose to redye the carpets the same color or request a different color. Once carpet dyeing is completed and the carpet is dried, the color correction will be permanent. This ensures long lasting results so the hotel will once again have colorful carpets. Whole room carpet dyeing can help restore the carpet appearance and make them look like new.

Severe Carpet Stain & Bleach Spot Removal

Commercial carpet dyeing also provides stain removal and bleach spot repair. When the hotel has a stain that will not come out with the most aggressive carpet cleaning method, there is another way to remove the stain. A stubborn stain can be removed by stripping the stain out. A mild bleaching agent is applied to the stain which will dissipate the stain pigment out of the carpet. Obviously, this will also remove the carpet dye color out with along with it. At this point, you will have a bleach spot on the carpet that will then be repaired. Repairing a bleach spot, regardless how it developed on the carpet, is done by dyeing the bleach spot. Repairing a bleach spot is repaired quickly and will be permanent. The repair will match the rest of the carpet perfectly, ensuring that the hotel carpet looks flawless.

Carpet Repair VS Replacement

Commercial carpet dyeing can help save the hotel owner money. When carpet looks used and neglected, the carpet will either need repair or replacement. Replacing carpet is very time consuming and costly. Commercial carpet dyeing can help save the hotel owner 60% to 80% of the replacement cost. Carpet dyeing is also fast and is a permanent way to restore the hotel carpets. A hotel owner can greatly benefit from commercial carpet dyeing.

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When a hotel has carpet that has discoloration, fading, stains and bleach spots, the owner needs commercial carpet dyeing services. After completion, they will have flawless carpets. For quality commercial carpet dyeing services with experience serving hotels, contact Carpet Dye-Tech today.

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