Can Commercial Hotel Carpet Be Dyed & Bleach Spots AKA Stains Be Color Repaired in Clearwater, FL?

It is said that carpet loses 3% of its color each year. Over time carpet can become very dull in color. This makes them look old and used. The carpet color can greatly impact the perspective of the carpet’s condition. When the carpet looks old, it can make the entire building feel old and even dirty. This will simply not do for commercial buildings, especially hotels. Hotels need to maintain a clean and fresh appearance. When the carpet looks dull in color it is time to have the carpets dyed. Carpet Dye-Tech would like to share how carpet dyeing can help restore the carpet inside your hotel.

What Causes Discoloration of Hotel Carpet?

Carpets will naturally fade with time, without anything else working against the carpets. The carpet will eventually lose 3% of its color. However combining foot traffic, exposure to UV light or even chemical exposure from improper carpet cleaning, carpet can become dull or discolored much quicker than it normally would. Fading carpet isn’t the only problem hotel owners encounter. Carpet will also develop stains, bleach spots or need their carpet color changed. At times it may seem like the only choice is to replace the carpets. However, carpet dying can correct all of these common carpet problems.

How Can I Restore Color to Hotel Carpets?

Carpet dyeing can help restore and correct the carpet’s color. Carpet dyeing can repair stains, bleach spots and even change the color of the carpet if desired. Carpet dyeing is a service that comes to the hotel and begins the process of redyeing the hotel carpets. Carpet dyeing is fast, safe and affordable. When a hotel owner needs their carpet’s appearance restored, carpet dyeing is the perfect solution. When dyeing the carpets inside a hotel, the entire carpeted areas will be cleaned and then masked with a fresh application of dye. The dye is worked into the carpet’s fibers. As the dye dries, it binds to the carpet, leaving behind a fresh and vibrant color. Carpet dyeing can restore faded carpet and even get rid of minor stains. Traffic patterns also disappear once the carpets have been dyed.

Can You Get Bleach Spots (AKA Stains) Out of Carpet?

Bleach spots are a specialty repair that uses carpet dyeing to recolor the affected areas. When repairing bleach spots the site will need to be cleaned and the bleach neutralized. Afterward, the carpets are dyed the same color as the rest of the carpet. Stains that are more severe will need to be bleached out and then the bleach spot repaired. Repairing bleach spots and stains is fast and ensures the hotel owner has flawless and beautiful carpets.

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With carpet dyeing, the hotel owner can have perfect and fresh looking carpets. With ongoing carpet dyeing and restoration care, the carpet color can always be maintained and flaws such as stains and bleach spots quickly repaired. Carpet dyeing is fast, ensuring the hotel owner doesn’t need prolonged closures to their rooms or other areas of the hotel. Carpet dyeing is also significantly cheaper than carpet replacements. Carpet dyeing is an effective way to extend the life of the hotel carpets. When a hotel owner needs their carpet’s restored and need quality carpet dyeing services, contact Carpet Dye-Tech and schedule our services today.

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