Can You Dye Already Laid Carpets in Gainesville, FL Hotels? Carpet Dyeing Color Correction & Restoration

Hotel carpets often need help improving their appearance. With constant foot traffic and exposure to cleaning chemicals, food and other substances, carpets inside a hotel will develop dull traffic patterns, faded colors, stains, and bleach spots. When the carpet develops problems with their appearance, they can be restored with commercial carpet dyeing. Carpet Dye-Tech would like to share how carpet dyeing can help and benefit a hotel owner.

Carpet Dyeing to Fix Discolored Carpet

In a hotel you will find carpets everywhere. Carpets provide great comfort, are a non-slip flooring, and reduce noises. The hotel’s carpet is a major asset that needs to be properly maintained. Maintaining carpet doesn’t just mean to keep them clean, but also maintain their appearance. To maintain the carpet’s appearance you will want to have the carpets dyed. When the carpets develop aesthetic problems they can be corrected with carpet dyeing. When carpets are manufactured they are dyed to provide the carpet with their rich coloring. To restore the carpet appearance, often you need to restore the carpet color directly. Carpet dyeing does just this. When the hotel owner has carpets that have faded or have dull traffic patterns that do not match the rest of the carpet, carpet dyeing will revive the carpet color. After the carpets have been dyed, the carpets look practically new. A professional carpet dyeing service can accurately recreate the carpet’s color and apply the dye to the carpet fibers, which will restore and correct a number of carpet problems. Along with correcting traffic patterns and faded carpets, commercial carpet dyeing can also repair bleach spots and stubborn stains. A stain that will not wash out can be bleached out. Once the stain has been bleached, the color is than restored by dying over the bleach spot. Both bleach spots and stains are repaired with carpet dyeing, ensuring the carpet looks flawless.

You Can Dye Carpet Instead of Replacing

With commercial carpet dyeing services the hotel owner can have beautiful carpets all the time. Not only can the owner maintain flawless carpet with carpet dyeing, but it can also extend the life of the carpets. By maintaining clean and beautiful carpets, the hotel owner can avoid the need for carpet replacement. Replacing carpet inside a hotel can be very expensive. When removing carpets there are a lot of elements that cost the owner. The carpets will need to be removed and disposed of and new carpets and pads will need to be bought, alongside the cost of having the carpets installed. The cost of getting new carpet isn’t the only expense to consider. You will also need to close down each area of the hotel that is getting new carpet which can take days if not weeks. The hotel owner may lose profits as well as investing in new carpets. With carpet dyeing you will still need to close down the room or section of the hotel that is being dyed, but for a much shorter period of time. Additionally, carpet dyeing costs far less than replacing the hotel’s carpets.

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Commercial carpet dyeing will help a hotel owner save time, money, and extend the life of beautiful carpets. For quality carpet dyeing services, contact Carpet Dye-Tech today.

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