Hotel Commercial Carpet Dyeing Benefits in Brookhaven, GA; Remove Bleach Spots, Restore Color to Carpets & More

In a hotel it is common for the carpets to have bleach spots or even fade in color. Carpets often lose their color or suffer spots and stains that are impossible to remove with cleaning techniques alone. When carpets have bleach spots or lose their color, the hotel owner or manager often considers replacing their carpets. However, there is another alternative to carpet replacements. Carpet dyeing services help to restore faded carpet as well as those impacted with bleach spots. Carpet Dye-Tech will explain how faded carpets are restored and bleach spots are repaired in hotels.

Carpet Dyeing to Restore Color of Carpets

Carpet dyeing provides a number of different services that can help restore carpet in hotels. One of the primary focuses of carpet dyeing services is to restore the color in dull and faded carpets. This is done with the use of a carpet dyeing machine and other tools, much like a pressure sprayer that can coat the carpet in dye. When dyeing the carpets, the technician can either re-dye the carpet its original color or another popular alternative is to change the color of the carpets. Carpet color can be changed. However the resulting color will be darker as the new dye will blend with the original dye in the carpet. Before dyeing the carpet often the carpet is cleaned first to make sure the dyeing process isn’t impeded. When dyeing over stained carpets, know that there are various stains that can be simply dyed over and the appearance of those stains are completely removed. When carpet dyeing is complete, the carpet has a fresh color without any stains. With carpet dyeing, the carpet looks new again. This removes the need for carpet replacement which can impede hotel profits.

We Remove Bleach Spots from Carpet

Another highly used carpet dyeing service that hotel carpet frequently needs is bleach spot repair. Bleach spots occur all the time inside hotels. There are a number of cleaning products are accidentally used or spilled on the carpets. Additionally, hygiene products such as foot cream, has a chlorine like substance that causes bleaching in the carpets. Repairing bleach spots is a service that can be done within a short period of time. When repairing bleach spots, the technician may see that the carpet requires further bleaching. If any color remains in the carpet after bleach damage, then the rest of the pigment will need to be removed. If bleaching is needed the bleach spot will be bleached out. Once the spot is properly prepared then the spot is filled in with the correct color of dye. Once the dye has been applied and dried out, the bleach spot is gone and the carpet is repaired.

Carpet Dyeing VS Replacing

With carpet dyeing services the hotel owner or manager can have all faded carpet as well as those that have bleach spots repaired. For hotels that have bleached or faded carpets, a carpet dyeing service is a great alternative to carpet replacement. Before replacing good carpets in a hotel, consider having the carpet restored with commercial carpet dyeing services. Not only is it a great alternative, it is one that can help save the hotel owner money and time.

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