Are Bleach Spots on Carpets Considered Stains? Carpet Dyeing Residential Bleach Spot Removal in Roswell, GA

Bleach spots are a common problem in many households. When a bleaching substance, such as chlorine, cleaning solutions with bleach or bleach itself, spills on the carpets it can send a pit deep inside your stomach. When bleach spots happen you know there is little you can do to save your carpet from the bleach and its effects. When bleach spots happen you may feel completely lost as you think your home’s beautiful carpet is now ruined. However, this isn’t the case! Bleach spots can be repaired, Carpet Dye-Tech will share how bleach spots are saving carpet inside our homes.

Is a Bleach Spot a Stain?

Bleach spots are not considered a stain. A stain is when a spill from a drink, food, or colored substance has fallen and soaked into the carpet. Bleach spots are when a chemical, such as bleach or chlorine, spills onto the carpet and the color is dissipated or has been stripped out. Bleach spots can take on a number of forms and most famous are those pale, almost white spots. However, bleach spots can also leave the carpet oddly discolored. The discoloration can vary depending on how long the bleach soaked into the carpet. Sadly, when bleach spots occur, regardless as to how mild or severe, you cannot simply wash out the spot.

Carpet Dye for Bleach Spots

Many homeowners will think their carpets are completely ruined due to the bleach spill on their carpets. However, what many homeowners are beginning to learn is that there is bleach spot repair services available. A professional service can come and repair your home’s bleach spots, reducing the need to replace the carpet or attempt some crazy DIY bleach spot repair using crayons. When a professional comes to your home they will first look at the bleach spot and determine what steps will be needed to repair the carpet. Bleach spots, depending on the severity, will require different steps in order to repair the spot. When the carpet has been oddly discolored and pigmentation is still in the carpet, most of the time further bleaching will be required. A bleaching agent will intentionally be applied over the discolored bleach spot to remove all of the pigment in the carpet. This helps to create a fresh start. With the pigment completely removed, the site will be cleaned to ensure the dye properly absorbs into the carpet’s fibers. Once the site is clean, a carpet dye technician will use the three primary colors to create an exact dye formula for your carpet to ensure the dyes match perfectly. If the bleach spots are more severe, then most of the pigment is already stripped out of the carpet which leaves the need for basic cleaning and dyeing. Carpet dye technicians can restore bleach spots on solid colored carpets or those with patterns and multiple colors. Homeowners can reclaim their carpet that has been damaged by bleach spots. Households with children and pets can rest assured that the dyes used to restore carpet are non-toxic. Once the dye is fully dry, the dye will not wash out or transfer onto pet fur or clothing.

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