Causes of Discoloration of Hotel Carpets in Sandy Springs, GA; Carpet Dyeing, Color Change, Restoration & More

Hotel carpet can be a rather tricky flooring to keep looking fresh and new as carpet fades and lose their color. Carpet inside hotels are exposed to heavy foot traffic that can cause soiling patterns or stains. In effort to combat soiling or stains, hotel owners frequently clean their carpet. With excessive carpet cleaning or improper carpet cleaning, it can cause carpets to fade and loose with beauty. For hotels with a lot of windows for natural lighting, it is impossible to prevent fading due to the UV damage. With a number of different elements ruining your carpet color, hotel owners often look for ways to maintain their carpet color and appearance. Carpet Dye-Tech will share how hotel owners can maintain their building’s carpet color and ensure a fresh and new appearance at all times.

Causes of Carpet Discoloration

When carpet fades, at times it is because the dyes may have bled out or the pigment has weakened. When carpets fade they tend to look aged and neglected, which is never good for a hotel. Hotels invest in some of the highest quality carpets which make replacing good carpet more of a waste. Hotel owners take good care of their carpet, making sure they are vacuumed almost daily and deep cleaned regularly. Due to the excellent care of hotel carpets, they are the perfect candidate for carpet dyeing.

Dyeing Solid & Patterned Carpet

A commercial dye carpet service is designed to restore carpet that has lost their bright colors. Hotels with both solid color and multi-colored carpet all can be re-dyed. When redyeing carpets, a carpet dye crew will come and evaluate the condition of the hotel carpets. In some cases, the carpet will need to be cleaned prior to dyeing. Depending on the size of the area that needs to be dyed, the hotel owner and carpet dyeing service can coordinate and do small sections at a time in busy areas. However, if possible, it is better to close rooms or areas that need to be dyed. Carpets can be dyed very quickly and large rooms may only take a day to complete.

Carpet Color Change or Restoration

When dyeing carpets, the hotel owner can choose to re-dye the carpet the same color as the original carpet or change the color of the carpet. Carpet color can be changed to a darker color. Carpet color changes are some often requested when a hotel changes the theme of the hotel and needs the carpet color changed to match the new theme. Another reason behind carpet color change is to darken the carpets which reduces the appearance of soiling and stains in the carpets. Once the color is determined, the carpet dye technician will use either a large sprayer to canvas the carpet in the dye or use a carpet dyeing machine that is a lot like a carpet cleaning machine. The dyes dry quickly and will not transfer once the dye finishes drying. The dyes used to dye carpets are natural based and are non-toxic, so dyeing the carpet will not bother guests. With carpet dyeing the carpet will be renewed and ensure the quality of the hotel.

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