Commercial Carpet Dyeing for Hotels in Stonecrest, GA; How to Restore Color to Bleached Carpets & More

Hotels will have carpets throughout its halls, guest rooms, entertainment areas, banquet and conference rooms. Carpets are a popular flooring choice inside hotels as it helps to dampen noise, enhance the hotel aesthetics and provide a non-slip surface. Carpet inside hotels require a lot of work to maintain. However, even with all the vacuuming and deep cleaning it will not stop carpets from fading or developing stains and bleach spots. When hotel carpets develop stains, bleach spots or have lost their once bright colors, a commercial carpet dyeing service is often requested. Carpet Dye-Tech will share how commercial carpet dyeing helps to restore hotel carpets.

Carpet Color Restoration with Full Room Carpet Dyeing

Commercial carpet dyeing can help in a number of different ways when it comes to carpet restoration. One of the primary focuses is full room carpet dyeing. When hotels have rooms, halls, or large conference areas with faded or soiled carpet, it is time to restore its color. When carpets are faded within the hotel their color can be restored through commercial carpet dyeing. When carpet has lost its color or has developed soiling patterns these flaws are restored by applying a fresh coat of dye.

Services Carpet Dye Contractors Provide

When dyeing carpet, the methods can vary from a carpet dyeing machine to a large sprayer that coats the carpet with dye. However, when carpet has patterns and multiple colors, a different approach is needed. When dyeing carpet with patterns, the technician uses a small hand held paint gun which allows smaller sections of the carpet to be dyed at a time. When the carpet has patterns it will take longer to restore the carpet. Hotel management needs to be aware of the time it will take to dye the different types of carpet as there cannot be any foot traffic on the carpet until the dye is dry. When dyeing carpet, the hotel owner can also choose to change the color of the carpet if desired. When changing the carpet color it is important to know that the carpet will become darker in color. This is become the new dye color will mix with the current color in the carpet which will result in a darker color.

How to Restore Color to Bleached Carpet

Another service commercial carpet dyeing services provide is bleach spot repair. Hotels frequently develop bleach spot on their carpets. There are a number of bleaching substances that strips the color out of carpet leaving behind a pale spot on the carpet. To ensure the hotel aesthetics, it is important to have these bleach spots repaired. When repairing bleach spots know that this service can be done in a short amount of time. In most cases the bleach spot only needs new dye applied over the bleached spot. However, in some cases the bleach spot will require more bleaching before it can be dyed. When repairing a bleach spot the technician can perfectly match the repair site to the rest of the carpet, thus removing the bleach spot completely.

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For hotels with faded carpet or those that need bleach spot repair as well as other carpet restoration services, contact Carpet Dye-Tech today.

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