Office Carpet Dyeing in Coral Springs, FL; Color Change, Bleach Spot Removal, Restoration of Carpets & More

Carpets in office buildings suffer high traffic soiling patterns, staining, sun fading and other discoloration. Many office building owners or managers hire professional janitorial staff but unfortunately this can result in bleach spills which leave unsightly bleach spots on carpets. Carpets inside offices that have bleach spots or are dull in color need to be re-dyed to restore the carpet’s brilliant coloring. When dyeing the carpet properly, there are steps that need to be taken to ensure a thorough and quality repair. Carpet Dye-Tech will share how carpet dye and bleach spot repair is done and what the assisted living facility owner needs to do to prepare for carpet dyeing restoration services.

Carpet Dyeing Restoration or Color Change

When the office building owner or manager finds that their carpets have bleach spots or has faded often they will seek carpet dyeing services. With carpet dyeing services, a total room can be re-dyed and renewed. Carpet can be dyed the same color or even a new darker color if desired. When dyeing the carpets, the carpet will need to be free of furniture to ensure that the entire surface of the carpet is accessible for the carpet dye technicians. At times the carpet may require cleaning before it can be dyed. Dirt and other contaminants in the carpet can interfere with the dyes and ruin the finished result. Cleaning and dyeing the carpet can take anywhere from one to six hours for full completion. This will require the staff to vacate the area for the duration of time it take to complete the task. However smaller areas can be done rather quickly and during the time best suited for the office such as weekends or after hours. Carpet dye services are fairly flexible and can work around the office’s busy schedule.

Bleach Spot Removal

Bleach spots are another common problem in assisted living facilities. Luckily, repairing bleach spots don’t require furniture to be removed or the residents to be vacated. As bleach spots are small enough it doesn’t take too long to repair them. Bleach spots may need to be cleaned. However, only the bleach spot will require cleaning and not the entire carpet. When dyeing the entire carpet or just a bleach spot, know that the dyes are non-toxic and are made from natural sources, mainly plants. The dyes will not rub off or transfer. The dyes are not a harsh chemical and won’t pose any harm to the patients at the assisted living facility.

Carpet Dyeing VS Replacement

When carpet develops discoloration, stains and spots, the office building owner or manager will need to either replace or restore the carpets. As stated above, carpet can be restored a lot quicker and is also a lot cheaper than carpet replacement. To avoid the interruption and high cost of premature carpet replacement, carpet dyeing and restoration should be seriously considered.

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Restoring the carpet is a great way to restore the look and beauty of carpet without the need to replace them. Additionally, carpet dyeing can help extend the life of the carpets. For quality carpet dyeing services for offices and other commercial sites, contact Carpet Dye-Tech today.

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