Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Carpet Dyeing to Restore Carpet Damage in Wilmington, NC

When your home falls victim to a flood you will often wonder what the insurance company will and will not cover or help recover. In many cases after a flood or other water damage, homes will need to undergo major restoration efforts. When it comes to rugs and carpet, many homeowner will wonder if their insurance will help pay the recovery cost. Carpet Dye-Tech will share how your insurance may be able to help recover and repair your home’s rugs and carpets.

Carpet Water Damage & Color Loss

During a flood it is important to remove the water, dry and clean and treat rugs and carpet before mold sets in. This is the main focus during any flood damage recovery. It is strongly recommended you seek out professional fire or flood damage restoration services to help reduce the cost or damages to the home. However, with a professional restoration service, their goal is to repair the water damage and prevent mold development inside the home and the various areas that have been affected. As they dry, clean and treat carpet and rugs, what many don’t worry about is restoring the rug and carpet color. Often during a major flood the dye in both carpets and rugs will bleed out. Even fire can cause carpet and rugs to become discolored with a yellowish tint from the smoke and emissions that were released inside the home. As the insurance company may help with water or fire damage restoration services and pay some or all of the cost of treating your carpet and rugs, unsightly color can be left behind. Your next solution to fully recover your rugs and carpets is by having the rugs and/or carpet dyed. You can seek out a professional carpet and rug dyeing service to come and help restore the color after a major flood or even fire accident. However, many people wonder if their insurance will cover the cost of the dyeing service.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Carpet Damage?

Each person’s policy varies so it is hard to say. Generally, if the cause of the water damage was sudden and accidental, your insurance may pay to dye your carpet and rugs. If the cause of the water damage was because of neglect and poor maintenance, your insurance company will likely not pay. Insurance companies may favor to have carpet restored versus replaced as it is cheaper. The same can be said for rugs. Both rugs and carpet can be a major investment, and there are some rugs in your home that are antiques or have special meaning. Essentially dyeing the discolored carpet and rug is a part of the flood damage process to restore them to the condition before the disaster and in many cases is covered under homeowners insurance.

Water Damage Insurance Claim Tips

When a flooding disaster hits you will first want to call a professional disaster or fire and flood damage restoration service. It is recommended you seek out your own restoration service in favor of the one your insurance company may provide you. Once you have your restoration crew on site, request a quote of the cost or a copy of the bill. Then contact your insurance company and begin filing your claim. However, it is always safe to call your insurance company first and make sure you’re able to use your own restoration service or if you will need to use the insurance company.

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