Best Law Office Carpet Colors in Marietta, GA; Carpet Dyeing to Match Wall Color & More

Choosing the right carpet for your law office is a big decision. It will have a large impact on the overall feel of the space and is a large investment. You want to know that you are making the right choice. There are literally thousands of colors and patterns to choose from when it comes to choosing carpet and the decision can be an overwhelming one. Carpet Dye-Tech is here to share some tips to help you make the right color choice for your law office.

What Color Should the Carpet Be in My Corporate Law Office?

There are many studies that have been done to show how color can impact your life. There is no exception when it comes to choosing the right color for the carpet in your law office. Following is what you can expect out of some of the colors you have to choose from for your office space.
Red Carpet: Red is known to be a stimulating color and can boost productivity when it is used in an office setting. However, studies have also shown that too much of it can make your employees feel aggression.
Solid Yellow Carpet: Yellow has a tendency to make people feel distracted. Studies have shown that this is not the best color choice in an office setting.
Dark Blue Carpet: This is one of the most popular choices in office spaces and for good reason. It exudes a feeling of trustworthiness and loyalty.
Pink Carpet: Not many people gravitate toward pink when choosing a carpet color. This is especially true in an office setting. It is considered calming and non-threatening, but many people don’t love this color and it doesn’t fit with the style of an office space.
Light, Medium, Chocolate or Dark Brown Carpet: Also a popular choice because of its neutrality, brown is a very stabilizing color and signifies strength.

Consider Foot Traffic on Carpet; Darker Colors Don’t Show Dirt

You will likely see a decent amount of foot traffic in your law office; so you want to choose a carpet color that can handle it. If your carpet is too light, it will attract dirt and debris will be more visible. Look for a carpet that will hide the high amount of foot traffic your office sees.

Carpet & Wall Color Combinations

Many people will choose a carpet color that will jive with the style of their office. There are several patterned carpets that will look beautiful in a law office and also have a great deal of style as well. You want to stick to whatever style you have chosen for the space when you are picking your carpet.

Carpet & Rug Dyeing in Savannah, GA, Wilmington, NC, Charleston, SC, Chattanooga, TN, Birmingham, AL, Gulfport, MS, Shreveport, LA, Jacksonville, FL & Beyond

If your carpet at your law office is looking worn, heavily stained or the wrong color; rather than replacing it altogether, Carpet Dye-Tech offers carpet dyeing solutions to help extend the life of your carpet. We can color match exactly to give your carpet the breath of life that it needs or dye it a darker shade or color. When our flooring experts are done, your carpet will look vibrant and new again. Call us today for more information.

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