How to Remove Bleach Spots (Stains) on Carpet in Biloxi, MS; Can You Dye Carpets to Restore?

Many homeowners will tirelessly clean and maintain their home’s carpets. This is a good thing. Most stains can be removed especially if they are cleaned up right away. However, you can’t say the same thing about bleach stains. Bleach can be found in many household cleaners. There are times when accidental bleach stains occur on carpets. When a bleach stain occurs on carpet, the homeowners often feel the stain is there to stay. This isn’t true. Bleach stains can go away and Carpet Dye-Tech will explain how.

How Does Bleach Change Carpet?

Bleach is a chemical that strips color out of various materials, including carpet. When bleach gets on carpet, the color is being stripped out. However, depending on whether the bleach was concentrated or diluted or how long it was left on the carpet will determine the severity of the discoloration left behind. To determine how severe the bleach stain is you must first know the three primary color standard. Dyes in carpets use the three primary colors, which leads to three phases of discolorations or color loss due to the bleach. When the bleach stain only appears slightly faded, this is considered a mild bleach stain. If the bleach stain has a yellowish color this is a result of the reds and blues having been stripped out. When the bleach stain is almost white and very bright then this is a severe bleach stain where all of the primary colors have been completely removed. However, even after all three primary colors have been removed from the carpet; you can still recover your carpet.

How to Dye to Reverse Bleach Spots (Stains) on Carpet

Bleach stains can be repaired by putting the color back into the affected area. Often a carpet dye technician will come and determine how severe the bleach damage is and how much color needs to be restored. Dyeing over a bleach stain isn’t easy. First the dye technician will first need to know your carpet’s color and what dyes was used to create the color. Next, the dye technician will need to create a dye that will match the rest of the carpet and properly interact with the bleach stain. With all that to consider, the final consideration is what type of carpet is in your home and what fabric material was used. Carpet dyes interact differently with the different types of carpet materials. There are some artificial carpet fibers that cannot be dyed. Artificial or synthetic carpet is factory dyed, or in other words, the carpet fibers are produced and then woven into carpet pile. Carpets that contain natural materials such wool, cotton, and silk blends are easily dyed and can be repaired.

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When bleach leaves stains or strips the color out of your carpet, it can make the entire carpet look dirty regardless of how much you clean your carpets. Stains, especially bleach stains, cannot be hidden and become a major eye sore in your home. Before replacing your entire carpet, consider seeking a professional carpet dyeing service. Carpet Dye-Tech provide many services from total carpet dyeing, rug dyeing, bleach spot restoration and more. If you have had the unfortunate accident of getting a bleach stain on your carpets don’t panic. Contact Carpet Dye-Tech today!

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