Carpet Dyeing to Fix Unexplained Stains, Fading & Other Discoloration of Carpets in Orlando, FL

Have you ever had a stain appear on your carpet and you have no idea where it came from? There are many times when a mysterious stain appears on your carpet, and often the kids or pets are to blame. When you try to remove the stain, some are there to stay. Not all stains can be removed. Carpet Dye-Tech will share what can causes certain stains or discolorations in carpet and how you can recover your carpets.

What Causes Carpet to Turn Pink, Faded or Discolored

Acids Spills on Carpet: Pinkish or orange color stains can occur from hydrochloric acid as low as 1%. Where does hydrochloric acid come from? Well many sources really, but one of the most common is from the stomach. Stomach acid can cause permanent stains on your carpet. If a pet or child vomits often the vomit stain is there to stay due to the affects of the acid. Some other sources of acid are in household cleaners. Some cleaners can interfere with certain dye causing red or pink pigmentation to occur.
Splashes of Alkalis on Carpet: Cleaner such as oven and drainage cleaners destroy the textiles in carpet and lead to color changes. If one of these cleaning agents gets on your carpet, use vinegar to help cancel out the Alkalis affect and rinse the area with water. Alkalis can vary in the carpet color stain as it depends on the carpet color and the dyes used.
Benzoyl Peroxide Structure: Benzoyl peroxide is a bleaching chemical found in different medical care products that can cause yellow or orange colored stains. One common cause for the carpet discoloration is the peroxide in foot cream. Many people don’t realize that walking on the carpet after using foot cream transfers the cream onto the carpet. The affect of benzoyl peroxide is slow and may take months before the stain sets in.
Bleach Spots on Floor: Many people know bleach stains (spots) when they see them. The yellow to orange spots are a dead give away. Can bleach spots be removed? Not after long exposure, but carpet can be re-colored. If you see purple spots, this is an indicator you have polypropylene carpet. Many of our competitors claim that purple stains and spots on poly carpet can’t be color repaired but Carpet Dye-Tech can. We have a fix for just about every type of carpet spot and stain. Our solution for poly carpet is permanent and will even hold up to hot water extraction!
Furniture Polish: Everyday furniture polish can have a serious effect on red dyes in carpet. If a red dyed carpet is exposed to furniture polish, it can cause green or blue spots. For red carpet owners, never polish your wood furniture without protecting the carpet first.
Insecticides Sprayed on Carpet: If you have had your home or your home’s baseboard sprayed with insecticide, it can cause carpet color to fade. If you have a nice faded outline on the edges of your carpet, most likely it is due to the insecticides used inside the home.
Bathroom Cleaners Fade Carpet: Some bathroom cleaners contain Phenol Disinfectants or a germicide that if exposed to carpet can cause the carpet dye to fade.
Pet Urine Stains: Urine, if not properly cleaned, will stain your carpet yellow, orange and even a reddish color. If the urine is never properly removed, the stain can eventually become permanent. Odors are accompanied with urine stains which help locate fresh urine in carpet. When found, remove immediately.
Pre-Sprayed Carpet: There are some carpet pre-spray treatments that can also cause carpet discoloration or purple spots. If there is a previous chemical stain present, the pre-spray carpet cleaners can have a reaction to the chemical stain and turn the spot purple. If there is a lighter chemical stain (possibly bleach) avoid using a pre-spray carpet cleaning treatment.

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What to do about these permanent discolored stains or spots? Have the carpet clean and dyed. Carpet cleaning and revival cleans carpets and adds small amounts of dye that can cover discolored or stained carpet to provide a clean solid color. If you need help recovering your carpet’s color, contact Carpet Dye-Tech today!

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