Why Realtors Should Recommend Carpet Dyeing Companies to Clients in Jacksonville, FL

When people sell their home, or look to buy, they put a lot of trust in their realtor. A realtor’s expertise is held at high-value and their voice is heard and at the very least, considered. When homeowners put their home on the market, many realtors will offer suggestions on how to improve the aesthetics and condition of the house that will enhance the appeal to potential buyers. Where many homeowners shy away from putting in cash towards a home they are trying to sell, most look for cheaper solutions. Carpets are a big aspect to homes. If the carpets look worn and grungy, it will immediately bring down the overall look of the room (and appeal of the premises). Stains and spots are equally problematic, and understandably, some homeowners resist a total carpet replacement because of the expense. Today, we at Carpet Dye-Tech have a solution for you, the realtors, trying to help homeowners make their home presentable with a more cost-effective approach.

Importance of Dye Carpet Contractors

Most carpets are candidates for carpet dyeing. When it comes to sprucing the home up or simply eliminating some eye sores, carpet dyeing costs far less than replacing the carpets. Carpets that have been around can still maintain a fair condition, but the traffic patterns, food stains or pet stains, sun fading, chemical spills, or bleach spots are a problem, especially if you are trying to sell the home. As long as the carpets are not threadbare, torn, scorched, or damaged in other related ways, carpet dyeing is an optimal solution instead of the thousands of dollars to replace the carpet.

Dyeing to Change Carpet Color

Though quality carpeting that has been well-maintained throughout its life, can last 15-20 years, 70% of the time, homeowners replace carpet for other reasons bedsides wear. When the carpets are structurally sound, people have a tendency to replace because of aesthetics. When selling a home, these aesthetics matter and carpet dyeing can be the right solution for your client to better prepare their home. At Carpet Dye-Tech, our dyeing services can be the perfect solution for you and the current homeowners. Below are just a few ways our services can restore the carpets in a home on the market.

Carpet Dyeing Solutions

Repair Bleach & Chemical Spots: Chemical and bleach spots are not typical stains because the dye molecules are stripped when these chemicals come into contact with the carpet, it immediately strips the color from the fibers. Depending on how long it lingered and how potent the chemical, dictates how light the carpet will get. With carpet dyeing, these spots can be restored.
Eliminate Stains: Some stains could have set into the carpets, whether is was just composition of the substance or poor technique, some substances can be unremovable. In many instances, these stains can be covered up with carpet dyeing.
Sun Damage or Fading Repair: Foot traffic and direct sunlight causes carpets to fade. These areas are particularly noticeable when furniture gets moved. To make the colors vibrant and vivid, carpet dyeing is an excellent strategy.
Color Restoration: Color restoration can revitalize your carpets. Over time, the color eventually fades and the color needs to be restored. When the carpets get the obvious foot pattern the wear on the color can be very significant, especially if furniture gets moved around and new paths are created. At Carpet Dye-Tech, our technicians can get your precise hue and restore the carpet original coloring to make the carpet in your church vibrant and vivid again.
Custom Color Change: If the carpets are an off color that doesn’t really attract buyers, in many cases the carpets can be custom dyed to make them more appealing.

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If you are looking to help your clients sell a home as a realtor in the South Eastern Regional States, recommend Carpet Dye-Tech to get the carpets restored. We offer residential and commercial carpet dyeing services.

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