Commercial Carpet Fiber Dyeing Methods to Restore Color to Hotel Carpets & Repair Bleach Spots in Palm Harbor, FL

In a hotel you most always find carpets that help to improve the aesthetics of the hotel. Carpets are often used in hotels to help dampen noise, better maintain indoor temperatures, and provide a soft and comfortable surface. As carpet can help the hotel in many ways, it comes as no surprise that hotel owners are always looking for ways to prolong the life and beauty of their carpets. There are a few ways you can extend the life of carpets. Carpet greatly benefits from regular vacuuming and deep carpet cleanings. However, that will not always save the carpet from fading. To maintain beautiful carpets, often commercial carpet dyeing can help maintain and restore carpet inside your hotel. Carpet Dye-Tech will break down the many different ways commercial carpet dyeing helps to restore and extend the life of hotel carpets.

Commercial Carpet Can Be Professionally Dyed

Carpets inside a hotel will develop a number of problems and or flaws. Hotel carpet is exposed to a ton of foot traffic daily that cause those grayish color patterns in the carpet. They are often also exposed to sunlight which fade and lighten the color of the carpers. Carpet can also be exposed to poor water quality or chemical cleaners that can have an effect on the carpet coloring. Not to mention time also has a way of breaking down the dyes in the carpet lightening the color each year. Carpets inside a hotel will also develop stains from spills. The carpet in a hotel are also no stranger to bleach spots that often form when a cleaner was accidentally spilled or used on the carpet that contains bleach. When these problems develop on the carpets, the hotel owner can have them all restored with the many different services of commercial carpet dyeing.

Whole Room Carpet Dyeing

One of the many different types of commercial carpet dyeing services is whole room carpet dyeing. When the carpet in hallways, guest rooms, lobbies and recreational areas develop fading, discoloration or even foot traffic patterns, they can be corrected by dyeing the entire carpeted area. When the entire carpet is dyed, the carpet color will be restored looking much more vibrant and the color will also be even.

Carpet Color Change

When the entire carpet has faded or has become discolored, the hotel owner will want to have the carpet color improved. Sometimes the carpet looks fine, but the hotel owner finds that they need the color of their carpet changed. Commercial carpet dyeing can help the owner achieve this need. If the owner decides they need different colored carpets, the carpet can be dyed a new color. However, there may be some limitations to the new color options. It will depend on the current color of the carpets. Nonetheless, it will save the owner time and money if they redye their carpet a new color rather than replacing the carpets.

Stain Removal & Bleach Spot Repairs

Another common service that is provided is bleach spot and stain repair. When there is a stain that will not wash out, they can be removed by bleaching them out and repairing the carpet’s color. Bleach spots occur frequently and is an ongoing problem. A commercial carpet dyeing service can be called out to repair those bleach spots permanently and with great quality.

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