Hotel Carpet Dyeing in North Miami, FL; How Do You Dye Commercial Carpet to Fix Bleach Spots & Restore Color

Carpets require a lot of care and dedication and especially those inside a hotel. Hotels have a lot of foot traffic, and the carpet is exposed to a number of elements that can cause staining, bleaching and fading. Not only do the carpets inside a hotel receives a lot of wear, but the hotel owner needs to maintain beautiful carpets to ensure they to uphold the value and quality of their hotel. When carpet develops aesthetic flaws. the hotel owner can correct these flaws with commercial carpet dyeing services. Carpet Dye-Tech would like to share how carpet dyeing can correct and even restore carpet inside your hotel.

Discoloration in Hotel Carpet

Carpets in a hotel are regularly vacuumed and cleaned. With proper care, carpet can last a very long time, especially the high quality carpets that are often used in hotels. In many scenarios, carpets are replaced in a hotel simply because of aesthetic problems or imperfections. Carpets do develop imperfections such as permanent stains or bleach spots that will not wash out. Improper carpet cleaning or UV light exposure can also cause carpet fading or discoloration. A lot of people as well as guests in a hotel often create grayish traffic patterns in the carpets. These imperfections are rather common and will eventually occur in most carpets. However, the life of the carpet is still not over. These imperfections can be corrected and the carpet restored with commercial carpet dyeing.

Can You Dye a Bleach Spot on Carpet?

As carpet dyeing suggests, carpet aesthetics inside a hotel are restored by dyeing them. Often flaws and blemishes form in carpets when the carpet’s dye has been affected. When carpet has stains, bleach spots, discoloration, or fading, all can be restored with carpet dyeing. Let’s start with stains. Stains are removed by bleaching them out of the carpet. A mild bleaching agent is applied and the stain and the carpets dye will be stripped out. The next step is repairing the bleach spot. When repairing a bleach spot either when removing a stain or when bleach spots occur from a spill from a cleaning chemical, carpet dye is used to replenish the carpets color. When repairing a bleach spot, a bleach neutralizer is first used to ensure there isn’t any bleach remaining in the carpets. The site is cleaned and then the dye is applied to the bleach spot. The dye will match the rest of the carpet for flawless carpets.

Dye Carpet Same or Different Color

When you find that most of the carpet has been affected and has discoloration or fading, the entire carpet can be redyed. If needed, the carpet will be cleaned first. The next step is dyeing the carpet. Depending on the size of the carpeted space, the methods of dyeing the carpet will vary. When the entire carpet needs to be dyed, the hotel owner can choose to redye the carpet its original color or change the color of the carpets. Yes, carpet color can be redyed a different color if desired, however the new color will be a shade darker than the original color of the carpet.

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Carpet dyeing is fast and effective. Once complete, the carpet will have its beauty restored and the hotel owner will have flawless carpets. If you need your carpet corrected or restored, contact Carpet Dye-Tech and schedule our services today!

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