Dyeing Hotel Carpets in Savannah, GA; When it is a Good Idea to Dye Commercial Carpeting & More

Carpets inside a hotel needs constant cleaning and care. With intense foot traffic, carpet can become dirty very quickly. However, carpet doesn’t just get dirty when it comes to hotels, they can also become blemished with bleach spots, stains and develop fading. When carpet develops these types of problems, you will need more than just carpet cleaning to restore the carpets inside your hotel. Carpet Dye-Tech would like to share how hotel owners can maintain or even reclaim their carpets with commercial carpet dyeing.

How are Hotel Carpets Maintained?

Hotel carpets are often colorful and even have elaborate patterns to enhance the beauty of the hotel. Carpet not only improves the hotel’s aesthetics but they also help to reduce noise and act as a great insulator. Carpet is an essential element to all hotels. It comes then as no surprise that hotel owners work hard to maintain their carpets. Where hotel owners and managers keep their carpet well vacuumed and cleaned, they are the perfect candidates for carpet dyeing restorations. The carpet aesthetics can be improved and restored with commercial carpet dyeing. Most carpet inside a hotel is replaced simply due to stubborn stains, bleach spots or faded discoloration. Replacing carpet over aesthetic flaws is a major waste, especially since the carpets can be repaired or their colors restored.

Is it a Good Idea to Dye Commercial Carpet?

Commercial carpet dyeing is a specialty service that restores carpet by dyeing them. When carpet fades and becomes discolored, the entire carpeted areas can be dyed. Applying fresh dye to the carpet brings the carpet back to life and makes them even look brand new once again. When dyeing the carpets, the hotel owner can choose to dye the carpet their original color or even change the color of the carpet if needed or desired. When changing the carpets color it will become a different but slightly darker color since the new dye will be applied over the current color of the carpet. Carpet fading is a common problem that occurs with time or from exposure. Restoring the carpet color is simple, fast and effective with commercial carpet dyeing.

Can You Dye a Bleach Spot on Carpet?

Along with repairing faded carpets, commercial carpet dyeing has another propose. Carpet dyeing can even repair carpet blemishes or flaws. Bleach spots are a common problem in hotels. When a cleaning product that contains bleach is accidentally exposed to the carpet, it will result in a bleach spot. A bleach spot is the absence of dye or pigment in the carpet. To repair a bleach spot the site will need to be cleaned, the bleach neutralized, and the carpet redyed. Stains that will not wash out is repaired in a similar way. A stain that will not come out with any cleaning method can be removed by bleaching them out. A mild bleaching agent is applied, causing the stain to be stripped out. This will also leave a bleach spot on the carpet. The bleach spot will then be repaired, ensuring flawless carpets in the hotel.

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For a hotel owner, it is important to restore and maintain their carpets. To prevent needless carpet replacements, contact Carpet Dye-Tech for quality commercial carpet dyeing services today.

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