Carpet Dyeing in Jupiter, FL; Can you Dye Bleach Spots on Carpets? Can Carpet Be Redyed After Bleaching?

Carpets are used in many areas inside a hotel. You will see carpet in the guest rooms, hallways, lobby, entertainment areas, and more. Carpets are used because they create a more interesting atmosphere. They also help to reduce noise and make sure hotel guests are comfortable. When the carpet develops flaws such as bleach spots or the colors begin to fade, the hotel owner may be considering replacing their carpets. However, the carpet does not need to be replaced, they simply need their color restored. Restoring the carpet color will make them look new and fresh. The vibrant color and design will enhance the beauty of the hotel once again. To restore the carpet color, the carpet needs to be dyed. Carpet Dye-Tech will share how carpet color is restored with commercial carpet dyeing.

Can You Recolor Carpet Bleach Spots?

Let’s start with bleach spot as they frequently occur inside a hotel. Bleach spots develop all too easy. A simple spill from a cleaner or a guest bringing in a hygiene product that contains bleach can make contact with the carpet and then you are left with pale spots all over your hotel’s carpets. The bleach spot is basically corrected by dyeing over the site. As a bleach spot is a chemical exposure that has stripped out the carpet pigment, you will need to put the pigment back into the carpet which is done with carpet dyeing. A carpet dye specialist will first treat the site with a bleach neutralizer and make sure the bleach spot site is clean. They will then create a dye color that will match the rest of the carpet. A professional will ensure the bleach spot repair matches the rest of the carpets perfectly. Depending on the size of the bleach spot and in most cases, it only takes 30 minutes to repair each spot. Bleach spots are quickly repaired and will ensure the carpet looks beautiful.

How Do You Restore Color to Faded Carpet?

Sometimes the carpet inside the hotel will develop much bigger problems than a few simple pale spots. The entire carpet can look aged and dull in color. Carpet can be improperly cleaned which can cause fading and or discoloring of the carpets. Carpet, if exposed to UV light, will fade causing the carpet to look uneven. When these bigger issues occur, the entire carpeted area needs to be dyed. A commercial carpet dyeing service uses a sprayer or carpet dyeing machines that can coat large, carpeted areas with dye in a rather short period of time. The dye is worked into the carpet’s fibers where the dye will bind to the carpet. Once the dye binds to the carpet and the carpet surface is dry, the dye will not wash out during future carpet cleaning. The dyes used for carpets are safe and will not cause problems for guests and or staff members. Carpet dyeing can either restore the carpet’s original coloring or if you desire, you can change the color of the carpets. When dyeing the carpets a new color, the dye is applied over the current color of the carpet which will cause the new color to be a shade or so darker.

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The hotel owner can have fresh and beautiful carpet while not having to invest in expensive carpet replacements. Carpet dyeing can restore your hotel carpets. For quality commercial carpet dyeing services, contact Carpet Dye-Tech today!

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