Hotel Carpet Dyeing in Port Charlotte, FL; Can You Dye Commercial Carpet to Fix Bleach Spots & Color Fading?

Carpets inside a hotel are exposed to a lot of foot traffic, cleaning chemicals, and natural exposure which does affect the carpet’s appearance. Often the carpets inside a hotel are replaced simply because they look bad and are not actually worn out. It is a major expense to replace carpets in a hotel and it is also a waste. Why replace carpet that only looks bad when their appearance can be restored? Carpet inside a hotel can be made to look fresh and new and ensure the hotel looks amazing. This is done with commercial carpet dyeing. If you own or manage a hotel and you have never had your carpet restored with carpet dyeing, Carpet Dye-Tech will share how commercial carpet can revive your hotel carpets and make them beautiful.

How Can Carpet Dyeing Improve Hotel Carpets?

There are a number of different ways or services that commercial carpet dyeing can provide that restores the hotel’s carpets. Carpets that have grayed out traffic patterns or have become discolored or faded can be corrected. Traffic patterns, discoloration and fading is due to the carpet pigment being altered or affected. Carpets are colored using dyes. These dyes can break down over time or due to some kind of exposure. When the dye has been broken down, the carpet needs a fresh coat of carpet dye. Both solid colored or multi-colored carpets can be redyed and their colors restored. A carpet dyeing service comes to the hotel and evaluates the carpets. In some cases, the carpet may need deep cleaning. The carpet dyeing service can either be dyed the original color of the carpet or if desired, the carpet color can be changed. Yes, the carpet can be dyed a different color. When dyeing the carpet a new color the new dye is applied over the carpet’s current color which will result in a darker color. Make sure you want a slightly darker hue when changing the carpet’s color. Not only does redyeing the carpet help restore the carpet and make them look like new, but also the hotel can always maintain the carpet color by having the carpet cleaned and dyed at the same time. Some commercial carpet dyeing service also have a service where they clean and add small amount of dye into the carpet ensuring the carpet always looks its best.

Can You Fix Bleach Spots on Carpet?

When the entire carpet needs a major makeover, you can have it done with commercial carpet dyeing. However, at times your carpet may have developed smaller problems like stubborn stains and bleach spots. Commercial carpet dyeing can correct these issues for you as well. Stains that will not wash out can be bleached out and the carpet color corrected. Bleach spots can be redyed, and a professional carpet dyeing service will ensure the bleach spot matches the rest of the carpet once it has been repaired.

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Do not rush into expensive carpet replacements for your hotel. If your carpet needs its appearance restored, it can be easily achieved with commercial carpet dyeing. For commercial carpet dyeing services for your hotel, contact Carpet Dye-Tech today.

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