Carpet Dyeing Color Restoration Can Repair Bleached Carpets & Fix Discolored Hotel Carpeting in Delray Beach, FL

When a hotel owner has carpets that have bleach spots or even carpet that looks old and dull, they can be restored with commercial carpet dyeing. Often when a hotel owner has carpet that looks old or has stains and blemishes such as bleach spots, the hotel owner will decide it is time to replace the carpets. However, just because the carpet looks bad doesn’t mean your carpets are no longer usable. Often carpets inside a hotel are still in great condition, they just need a little make over. Before you decide to invest in replacement, Carpet Dye-Tech would like to share how carpets are restored with commercial carpet dyeing.

What is Commercial Carpet Dyeing?

If you have never heard about commercial carpet dyeing, it is a service that focuses on restoring the carpet’s color and appearance. Stains, bleach spots, and fading is a problem not with the actual carpet, but with the carpet dye. Carpets loses about 3% of its dye pigment every year. Adding foot traffic, UV light exposure and wrong carpet cleaning, this will have an effect on the carpet’s dye. To correct carpet fading, the carpets do not need to be replaced, but instead, have their color revived. That’s what commercial carpet dyeing aims to do. The technician come to the hotel and gives the carpet a new dose of carpet dye. Carpet dyeing can repair other flaws such as stains and bleach spots. A number of carpet flaws can be repaired with commercial carpet dyeing.

How Do You Dye Commercial Carpet?

As the name suggests, commercial carpet dyeing dyes the carpets. Usually the dye is applied to the carpet using a sprayer tool. These tools can vary in design but the dye is sprayed onto the carpet and then blended and worked into the carpet’s fibers with a carpet rake or blending tool. The carpet can be redyed its original coloring or the carpet can be dyed a different color if desired. When changing the color of the carpet the new color will be a shade darker than the previous color. Most carpet types can be dyed, although synthetic carpet cannot. Both solid color or multi-colored carpet can be redyed. Bleach spot repair is a common commercial carpet dyeing service that can remove the bleach spot by redyeing over the site of the bleach spot. A professional can ensure the repairs look and match the rest of the carpets.

Why is it a Good Idea to Dye Carpet?

There are a lot of benefits to commercial carpet dyeing. It helps to restore the carpet back to their natural beauty. Not only does restoring the carpet color improve the carpet’s appearance, it also prevents the need to invest in expensive carpet replacement. When comparing the cost of carpet dyeing and carpet replacements, you can save anywhere from 60% to 80%. Additionally, carpet dyeing is fast and the repairs or restoration lasts. The dye will not wash out, rub off, or bleed when cleaning the carpets in the future. The dyes used for carpets are non-toxic and will not harm your staff or guests.

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If your hotel carpet has stains, bleach spots, and dull, old looking carpets, contact Carpet Dye-Tech for quality commercial carpet dyeing services today!

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