Carpet Dye for Bleach Spots & Discolored Carpets in Smyrna, GA; Carpet Dyeing, Color Restoration & More

For those who own or manage vacation rentals, the summer season is coming to an end and you have a short period of time to prepare the rental for the holiday rush. Vacation rentals are super busy during the summer and spring seasons as well as the holidays. During the slower vacation periods, the owner’s finally have time to do deeper cleaning and maintenance to their rentals. There are many aspects of cleaning and maintaining a vacation rental and one is the carpets. Carpet tends to be severely abused by the renters. Stains and bleach spots can form and over time, the color can become dull. When carpet develops bleach spots or becomes dull in color, the rental carpet needs more than just simple carpet cleaning services.

Vibrant Carpet in Rental Properties Get Great Reviews!

Vacation rentals require a lot of dedicated care. Renters are quick to leave reviews when they are either impressed or disappointed. To better maintain the vacation rental quality, the carpet must be kept clean and looking its best. Carpets can become dull in color, especially if they are over or improperly cleaned, or exposed to constant day light. When carpet looks dull, the entire vacation rental begins to look aged and poorly kept. This is where commercial carpet dyeing services can be a lifesaver for the owner of a vacation rental.

How Do You Get Color Back in Carpet?

Commercial carpet dyeing is a unique service that is focused on restoring carpet color. When carpet fades and appears dull, the color can be revived by redyeing the carpets. Carpet can be dyed its original color or if the vacation rental owner desires, they can even change the color of the carpets. When changing the color of the carpets, the carpet color will be darker than it was before. However, this can help hide stains and flaws in the carpets. There are some benefits to darker colored carpets. When dyeing the carpet, it completely renews the carpet’s appearance. Carpet dyeing is a fast and cost effective way to improve the carpet in a vacation rental and can be done before the next busy vacation season.

Bleach Spot Repair for Over-Cleaned Carpets

Often a vacation rental will undergo deep cleaning and sanitizing in between renters. At times cleaners are spilled on the carpet leaving behind a bleach spot. Bleach spots look terrible and reflects negatively on the upkeep of the vacation rental. Before the next renter is scheduled, the bleach spot can be repaired. Often a vacation rental may need fast carpet repairs. When a bleach spot develops, they can be perfectly and permanently repaired. When repairing a bleach spot a carpet dyeing specialist will redye the bleach spot. The repairs are permanent which allows the carpets to be cleaned as needed without fear of the repairs washing out. Bleach spots can also be repaired quickly. Depending on the size of the bleach spot, it can take about 30 minutes to repair.

Carpet Dyeing, Bleach Spot Repair & More in Savannah, GA, Wilmington, NC, Charleston, SC, Chattanooga, TN, Birmingham, AL, Gulfport, MS, Shreveport, LA, Jacksonville, FL & Beyond

When the owner of a vacation rental needs help improving their carpet’s appearance, or needs fast and effective bleach spot repairs, seek out commercial carpet dyeing services. For quality carpet dyeing, bleach spot repair and more, contact Carpet Dye-Tech today.

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