Can You Fix a Bleach Spot on Carpets in Marietta, GA? Carpet Dyeing Color Restoration to Repair Spots & More

Bleach spots can occur on carpets inside your home or in a commercial setting. With the new demand for intense cleaning and disinfecting, many cleaners you use will contain bleach or chlorine. If or when a cleaner that contains these chemicals contacts the carpet, bleach spots will develop. Bleach spots are one of the worst types of carpet markings as they cannot be washed out. When you have bleach spots on your carpet, you may assume you must live with them or replace the carpets. However, those are not your only options. Bleach spots can be repaired. Carpet Dye-Tech will share how bleach spots are repaired and how to receive quality bleach spot repairs for your carpet.

Can You DIY Dye Bleach Spots on Carpet?

Bleach spots are the result of a chemical contacting the carpet and the dyes dissipate until there is no pigment left in the carpet. To repair a bleach spot, you must return the color to the carpet. When you have bleach spots and you discover they can be repaired, you may look for ways to repair the bleach spots yourself. If you wish to repair your own bleach spots, avoid using methods that involve coloring in the carpet with crayons, markers or hair dye. These methods do not work and they look terrible. The only DIY method you should consider using is investing in a carpet dye repair kit. A repair kit will either come with dyes you mix yourself or in some cases, premade dye that may come close to your carpet’s color. One of the primary reasons you must use a repair kit is because they tend to come with a bleach neutralizer which is essential in permanently repairing your carpet. There is a down side to using a repair kit. One it is very hard to find a premixed dye color that actually matches your carpet. In fact, it is impossible. This is because the dye the manufacturer uses is not for sale, nor is the dye color ever the same. You can get a kit that comes with red, blue and yellow dyes and you will need to mix the colors yourself. However, it is hard to perfectly match the dye with the rest of your carpet. Another down side to a carpet repair kit is that they are expensive, usually starting around $70 or more. For those who do not know how to repair a bleach spot this can be a wasted investment.

Professional Carpet Dyeing Can Remove Bleach Spots!

If you want your carpet bleach spots perfectly repaired, it will be a wiser investment to hire a professional. A carpet dye specialist knows how to perfectly recreate dye colors to ensure the repair site matches the rest of the carpets. They will walk through all of the proper steps of repairing a bleach spot. The first step is applying a bleach neutralizer. If the bleach is never neutralized, the dye will not bind to the carpet and the bleach spot will not be repaired. After the site is clean and the bleach neutralized, the carpet is then dyed. Repairing a bleach spot, when done by a specialist, only takes 30 minutes or so to repair. With help from a professional your carpet will be bleach spot free within minutes.

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