Can You Fix a Bleach Spot on Condo Carpet in Johns Creek, GA? Carpet Dyeing Discolored Spots on Carpets

For those who live in a condo, have you ever been cleaning the inside of their home and then suddenly you accidently spill bleach or another disinfectant cleaners on your carpets? If so, now you are left with a bleach spot on your carpet. You may wonder what you should or can do about that bleach spot on your carpets. You may jump online and begin looking for ways to repair the bleach spot. You may find a few different options from DIY repair, buying bleach repair kits, or professional bleach spot repairs. Before committing to some crazy DIY repair method, Carpet Dye-Tech would like to share the dangers of improper bleach spot repairs and why you should hire a professional bleach spot repair service.

Can You Dye Bleach Spots on Carpet?

When you somehow caused a bleach spot to form on your carpets, and you begin looking for ways to repair the bleach spot, you will indeed find a few methods online. You may look online and find a number of DIY methods that may involve using hair dye, markers or crayons. Save yourself the trouble and avoid these methods. They simply do not work and the color correction will not last. If you are keen on repairing your carpets yourself, the only method that a professional would recommend is to use a bleach repair kit. These kits come with a bleach neutralizer and dye to repair the bleach spot more effectively. However, most bleach repair kits come with three dye colors, red, blue and yellow. You must mix the dyes together to create a perfect match color for your carpet. This is not a simple task. If you are not up to the task, a bleach repair kit may not be for you. Additionally, a bleach repair kit starts around $70 which is pretty pricy, especially for those who are not experienced in repairing bleach spots.

Carpet Dyeing to Fix Discolored Bleach Spots

Instead of attempting to repair the bleach spot yourself, you may want to consider hiring a professional. A professional bleach spot repair technician will ensure the bleach spot is repaired correctly and that the color matches perfectly. A professional carpet dye specialist will start the repairs by neutralizing the bleach in the carpet. Most repairs fail because the bleach isn’t neutralized or done properly. A professional will ensure the bleach is properly neutralized. Next, they rinse and prepare the site to be redyed. The specialist will mix together the dyes to create a perfectly matching dye color. This ensures the repair matches the rest of the carpet. Once the dye dries, the carpet is restored. The repair not only looks great but the method is permanent which means you can safely have your carpet cleaned. Bleach spot repairs are also fast and you can have your carpet repaired on average of around 30 minutes.

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When you have bleach spots you may find it a wiser investment to seek out a professional bleach spot repair service. You are guaranteed to have perfect repairs that look great and once again have beautiful carpets. When you need help repairing bleach spots, contact Carpet Dye-Tech and schedule our services today.

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