Revival of Carpets in Dunwoody, GA; Church Carpet Dyeing, Bleach Spot Repair, Color Restoration & More

Basic carpet cleaning and maintenance involves vacuuming and carpet cleaning. With proper carpet maintenance a church can have clean and beautiful carpets. However, even with proper maintenance, carpets can fade, develop bleach spots or develop permanent stains over time. When a church has carpets that have faded or have developed bleach spots or stains, the church administrator can have their carpets restored. Carpets that have been well maintained but suffered some aesthetic problems are perfect candidates for carpet dye restoration. Carpet Dye-Tech will share how carpet dyeing services can help restore carpets inside churches.

Do Carpets Fade in Sunlight?

Church administrators need to keep their chapels and meeting areas clean and always looking their best. When the carpet aesthetics begin to decline they need some reviving. Carpets that have faded, either due to the effects of time or perhaps improper carpet cleaning, can get the carpet color restored once again. When carpets are manufactured, they are dyed. Over time the dye will fade, the wrong carpet cleaner will be used, or even water with high levels of pH will cause the carpet dyes to bleed. Another cause for faded carpets is UV exposure. In areas that are constantly exposed to sun light the dye color will lighten up. When the carpet color lightens up and looks aged, you can make your carpets look youthful once more simply by dyeing the carpets.

Restore of Change the Color of Carpet?

The carpet can be redyed the original coloring or if the church administrator wishes for a color change, the carpets can be dyed a different color. The process is the same, so it will be up to the administrator to select what color they want their carpets. When changing the carpet color, know that the color will be darker as you will be dyeing over the current color of the carpet. With carpet dyeing the carpet can be renewed with a fresh application of dye. Carpets that are either one solid color or have many colors as well as those with patterns can all be dyed. Natural based carpet can be redyed. However, polyester or olefin carpet cannot be dyed as they are a synthetic material and not made of natural fibers. For churches with natural fiber based carpets, they can be redyed which enhances the carpet and the church’s beauty.

Carpet Dyeing to Fix Bleach Spots & Stains

Church carpet will also experience stains or worse, bleach spots. When stains or bleach spots occur on the carpets, they too can be removed and repaired. Stains that will not wash out, even with intense professional stain removal cleanings, are classified as specialty stains. A specialty stain can still be removed. These stains are removed by bleaching the stain out. A bleaching agent is carefully applied over the stain which will remove the stain as well as the dye in the carpet. This is normal and now the carpet will have a bleach spot. Bleach spots can be repaired either due to an accidental spill or from removing a stain. To repair a bleach spot a carpet dyeing specialist can clean the site and apply a bleach neutralizer. Then they will redye the carpet, restoring the carpet’s beauty!

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There are many ways that carpet dyeing services can help church administrators restore their carpets. To extend the life and beauty of your church carpets, contact Carpet Dye-Tech today.

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