Why Use Carpet Dyeing to Change Color of Carpets in Your Biscayne, FL Vacation Rental Property?

Carpet dyeing services help restore carpet color that has been lost or severely stained in a number of different settings. One setting is a vacation rental. Those who manage these rentals often fight to maintain their carpets. There is often a struggle in vacation rentals to keep the carpet clean and stain free. Instead of battling unsightly stains, another alternative is to change the carpet’s color. Certain colors can help maintain cleaner looking carpet far longer. Carpet Dye-Tech would like to share why carpet inside vacation rentals benefit from carpet color change as well as other services to help maintain beautiful carpets.

Why Use a Dye Contractor to Change Color of Carpets?

There are many ways carpet dyeing service helps carpet in vacation rentals. One frequently requested service is color change. Carpet color can be changed a new color which can help in a number of ways. Essentially, when carpet color is changed, a dye formula is applied to the carpet which changes the coloring of the carpet. Since dye is being added to the existing color, the carpet can only be dyed a darker color. There are a number of reasons and benefits as to why vacation rental carpet color is dyed a different color, such as:

Popular Wall to Wall Carpet Color Trends

Outdated coloring! When a vacation rental invests in carpet, often it is a high quality carpet which is designed to last twenty years or more. When carpet color is a bit outdated, or the rental undergoes some remodeling in key areas, often the original coloring of the carpet no longer works. Instead of removing quality carpet, vacation rental carpets are dyed a different color and one that is better to fit the new theme.

Carpet Sun Fading & High PH Chemical Color Loss

Sunlight can cause the carpet to fade and therefore, it will lose its coloring over time. Often the discoloration occurs in front of window where UV light has had time to fade out the carpet. Carpet can also lose its color during carpet cleaning. When the water pH level is too high, it can cause the dyes to bleed out and is then removed during cleaning. When carpet looks faded, it can be dyed to restore the carpet color. Often the carpet’s original color is revived or the vacation rental owner uses this opportunity to change the carpet color.

Darker Carpet Colors Don’t Show Dirt & Stains

Carpet easily gets stained and for a vacation rental, appearance is everything. Vacation rentals are often booked back to back with only a short window for basic cleaning. As a result when stains appear on the carpet, those who own or manage vacation rentals don’t have the time to properly clean the carpets or find the stains can’t be removed completely. Therefore, they will have their carpet dyed a darker color so any remaining stains are simply blended in with the new color.

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Carpet color change is one of the many services carpet dyeing companies can provide to help the owners of vacation rentals. Carpet dyeing services can repair bleach spots, restore faded or discolored carpets and more. For those who need their vacation rental carpet restored, contact Carpet Dye-Tech and schedule our quality carpet dyeing services today.

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