Carpet Dyeing, Color Changes & Bleach Spot Repair for Real Estate Condominiums in Sandy Springs, GA

Carpet dyeing companies are servicing condo’s more and more as they can help extend the life of the carpets and save on the cost of expensive carpet replacements. There are many ways carpet dyeing services can help restore carpet with various conditions. Carpet Dye-Tech would like to cover the basics of carpet dyeing and the common services request in condos and how they help maintain and extend the life of the carpets.

Carpet Color Repair in Condos

Carpet in condos are exposed to the same elements of a home and commercial setting. There are many elements seeking to destroy your condo’s beautiful carpets. Carpet in condos can develop stains that ruin the appearance of carpet. Stains can come from drinks, food, and cleaning or hygiene products. Carpet can also become faded either due to UV light exposure or even from improper carpet cleaning. When carpet becomes faded or stained, most people will assume the carpets are beyond repair and simply replace the carpets. However, this is not true. Carpet can be repaired that has been stained and has lost its once vibrant hue with carpet dyeing services.

Old Bleach Stain on Carpet?

Carpet that develops nasty stains can often be cleaned with the proper solvents. However, some of the staining may remain. Nonetheless, it can be repaired by applying dye over the stain, blending the discoloration with the rest of the carpet. Another common service requested in condos is bleach spot repair. Bleach removes the color from the carpet. These spots can be easily repaired with the right mixture of dye. Again, the original dye color is applied over the bleach spot, restoring the color in the affected area.

Carpet Dyeing Methods

For carpet that has lost their color due to UV damage, dye bleeding by improper carpet cleaning, or even soiling can be repaired. When the carpet appears dull, a carpet dyeing service can come and reapply the original color dye back into the carpet fibers. Carpet dye methods vary. Some dyes are applied by a carpet cleaning and dyeing machine. In another method, we spray the dye into the carpet and a carpet brush works and blends the dye into the carpets.

Carpet Color Change

Carpet color can also be changed. There are times when the condo undergoes color or theme changes and the owner wishes the carpet to match better. Another common reason to change the carpet’s color is to darken the carpets. This helps hide stains in high traffic areas. When changing the carpet’s color, options do vary. However, in most cases the carpet can be dyed a darker color. This is because dye is being applied over the original dye in the carpet, resulting in a darker color. The lighter the carpet’s original coloring the more options are available.

Carpet Dyes

The dyes used on carpets are organic and non-toxic. It is a common concern with condo owners as to whether or not the dye is safe. They are completely safe. The dyes also dry quickly and won’t rub away. Dyeing your condo’s carpet can help revive their appearance and extend the life of the carpet. It’s good to know you can restore your carpet which can help save you money on expensive carpet replacements.

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