RV Carpet Dyeing Process in Kissimmee, FL to Restore Discolored Carpets in Motorhomes

Large recreational vehicles (RV) often have carpet flooring and many features that are upholstered, such as seats and benches. In an RV, carpet and upholstery can be difficult to maintain and keep clean. RV carpets are exposed to a number of elements that can leave the carpet and upholstery stained, discolored and even smelly. For many RV owners, maintaining clean carpets and upholstery may seem like a difficult task. However, not with professional carpet dye services. Carpet Dye-Tech will share how carpet dyeing services can help maintain carpet and upholstery in recreational vehicles.

Carpet Dyeing Can Prevent Premature Replacement

Where you are selling a used RV or simply maintaining your RV, the carpets and upholstery can be one of the most difficult tasks to make presentable. Kitchens and bathrooms often use vinyl flooring. However, in the lounging areas often you will find carpet to make the area more cozy. Carpet in an RV is prone to stains and more often soiling, which is when dirt discolors the carpet and leaves brownish or gray streaks in high traffic areas. Upholstery usually becomes stained by drinks and cleaning chemicals that leaves permanent stains in the RV’s upholstery. Luckily the upholstery or carpet doesn’t need to be replaced, just restored. This is how carpet dye services can help restore carpets and upholstery.

Carpet Dyeing the Same Color or Change to a New Color

Carpet’s color can be restored from fading and stains with dyeing techniques. The carpet is first cleaned thoroughly to remove as much of the dirt and particles in the carpet to prevent interference during dyeing. After the carpet is cleaned, the carpet can then be dyed. At this time the owner can choose to dye the carpet the same color or change the color altogether. It is very common in RV’s to change the color of the carpet. Most manufacturers use a light color carpet to help make the inside of the RV feel bigger and cleaner. However, light colored carpet is impossible to keep clean, which is why many RV owners will dye the carpet a darker color. However, if the RV owner loves the current color of their carpet, but needs to restore the color, the carpet can be dyed the same color.

Carpet Bleach Spot Removal in RVs

Both carpets and upholstery are prone to stains. Certain blemishes such as bleach spots strip the color out leaving behind a permanent bleach spot. Other spills occur that can alter the color of the carpet or upholstery such as ink, food coloring and other similar substances. Again stains and bleach spots can be restored with carpet dyeing services. Essentially, the site of the stain or spot is first cleaned. Cleaning the area is always the first step to assure quality of the dyeing process. After the stain or spot has been cleaned, the dye specialist will apply a dye over the stain to restore the original color of the carpet or upholstery.

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Carpet dyeing can help RV owners or sellers restore the carpet and upholstery without the need to replace the carpet or upholstery. By restoring the carpet and upholstery, it helps to extend the of the carpet reducing the need and cost of replacement. Replacing both carpet and upholstery takes a lot of time, money and inconvenience. Carpet dyeing services are fast and can help save money. If you own an RV or want to sell it and need the carpet and upholstery restored, contact Carpet Dye-Tech and schedule our services today.

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