Can You Dye Marine Carpet? Interior Boat Carpet Dyeing & Restoration in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Whether you own your own boat or run a boat tour service, your boat is a major investment. Boats like ferries and yachts require maintenance inside as well as outside. Maintaining the inside of the boat can prove a challenge especially when it comes to boat carpets. Carpets are often used in boats to add to the boat’s comfort. Carpet inside boats often become discolored, mostly due to over cleaning. Boat carpet often becomes smelly, especially those near salt water. To help fight odors, the carpets are cleaned off. As a result, the cabin’s carpet lightens up or fades alongside common stains. Carpet Dye-Tech will share how our carpet dyeing service can help maintain and even restore the carpet in your boat.

Can You Spray Dye Marine Carpet?

Boats are a major investment that requires ongoing care and maintenance. There are many aspects of maintaining a boat such as a yacht or ferry. One is the interior carpet which often requires the need to be cleaned frequently due to sun fading and odors. Carpet in yachts and boats easily trap odors, especially those near the ocean. Salt water air is full of microorganisms that get trapped in carpet where they begin to smell. The carpets are cleaned to help fight the odors and as a result the carpet fades and looks old. To help maintain the carpet quality, the carpet can be dyed to restore the carpet color. Dyeing carpet in boats is simple, and is often a better option than replacing carpet. When carpets in boats are replaced they must be cut out and often seats and other features may need to be removed. Then new carpet must be cut to fit and installed back in the boat. The entire process of replacing carpet can take weeks and become very expensive. Dyeing the carpet helps restore the carpet’s color and it dries quickly without the need to remove the carpet from the boat. Many carpets in boats or yachts are often light in color which becomes difficult to keep clean. Many people will want to replace the carpet. However, that again takes time and is expensive. Instead, dyeing the carpet a darker color can help maintain a cleaner interior.

Boat Spray Carpet Dyeing

When dyeing the carpet, the dye technician will first clean the carpet to ensure nothing interferes with the dye during applications. When the carpet is dyed, the carpet can be dyed its original color or to a new color entirely. The carpet will need to be dyed a darker color in most cases but other color options are possible. The dye that is applied on the carpet is a non-toxic and non-rub dye that dries quickly. Redyeing the entire carpet isn’t the only option. Small or large stains can be repaired with carpet dyeing. When a blemish such as bleach spots occur on the carpet in the boat, the result can be upsetting, especially for those who work hard to maintain their boat. When stains occur they can be repaired by dyeing over the stains and removing their appearance completely.

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Yachts and other boats used for personal or business use might need their carpet restored. If so, just call Carpet Dye-Tech. We provide quality carpet dyeing services that can help restore your boat’s carpet and make it look like new. Contact Carpet Dye-Tech today.

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