Professional Commercial Carpet Dyeing for Jewelry Stores to Restore Wear of Carpets in Panama City, FL

All retail stores vary on how they design their shops however, often you will see jewelry stores use carpet. Carpet is an ideal flooring material for several reasons. For example they provide a soft and insulated surface that help reduce noises and increase temperature efficiency as well as look and feel luxurious. Where carpet has many benefits, is also has it’s flaws requiring maintenance however, that is the case with any type of flooring. Carpet can be easily vacuumed and cleaned but once it fades or becomes stained, often the carpet needs to be restored or replaced. Carpet Dye-Tech would like to share how to extend the life of carpet in jewelry stores with carpet dyeing services.

Carpet Wear in Jewelry Shops

Jewelry stores have two negative components that can wear down carpets prematurely. One is high traffic areas where discolored trails will form. The second is sun damage, because jewelry stores often have large glass windows to display their goods and this allows the sun to beam down on the carpet which causes premature fading and discoloration. Jewelry stores don’t only suffer from high foot traffic and sunlight, these are just some of the more common causes of carpet wear. Carpets are also prone to discoloration by improper cleaning as well as stains from ink, paint and bleach spills. Often the aesthetic of the carpet is compromised before the carpet actually needs to be replaced. All too often carpet in relatively good condition is replaced before it actually has time to wear out. This is where carpet dyeing services have been helping a number of commercial settings restore their carpets that also helps them save money and time.

Spray Carpet Dyeing & Other Methods

Carpet dyeing can help store the carpet’s color and restore the carpet like new. There are two primary uses for carpet dyeing. One is to restore the carpets original color or even change the carpet color if the jewelry store wishes for a darker color change within their store. Both types of carpet dyeing use the same approaches. Before the carpets are dyed they are thoroughly cleaned to make sure there are no contaminants trapped inside the carpet that can interfere with the dye. The carpet is then dyed which can be done using different drying methods ranging from spray on methods that utilize a large spraying machine to spread the dye which is then worked into the fiber with a carpet rake tool. Another method uses a machine similar to a carpet cleaning machine that injects and works the dye into the fibers at the same time. Carpet with patterns are more difficult and take a longer amount of time. A small hand size spray like an air brush is used to dye small sections of the carpet at a time.

Carpet Dye for Bleach Spots & Stains

Another common service used to restore carpets is stain repair. Often stain will permanently remain on carpets such as ink, dye and even bleach spots do not come out of carpet. These types of blemishes can be a major eye sore, however the spots can be repaired by applying dye over the spill. Bleach spots are some of the more common and easiest to repair. Since most bleach spills strips out color all that is needed is to to put the dye back into the carpet. This is done with a smaller air brush tool to apply the dye in the small area of the spot. Spills that alter the color of the carpet can be more tricky but can be done to repair the eyesores.

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For jewelry stores and other high end boutiques, the shop aesthetics are essential to create a positive expectation of their store and it’s products. If you manage or own a jewelry store and need your carpet restored contact Carpet Dye-Tech and schedule our services today to help save you time and money.

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